Cancer patient survey from the Cancer Campaigning Group

Hi Everyone

The Cancer Campaigning Group is a coalition of more than 50 charities who are campaigning for better services for people with cancer and their families.
We are putting together a report about cancer in England and would like to hear from people affected by cancer and their carers or representatives of charities and the health system. The report will highlight the progress made in improving cancer outcomes since 2000 and call on the Government to protect what is already in place and do more to support cancer patients and their families.
Your answers will be used to ensure that the report reflects the views of patients, carers and professionals. Some of the questions have boxes for you to add extra comments and we may use some of this information as quotes in the report. However, all of your answers are anonymous and you will not be identified through the survey. 

To access the survey, please click on the following link
The final report will be available from later this year.

Many thanks