Cancer on a first date!

Hey just thought I would share with you all a conversation I had on a first date about 2 weeks ago.

So, we were stood in a pub chatting away about everything & nothing when Date mentioned he had been very ill when he was in his 20s. I didn't think much of it & the conversation carried on. Later, he mentioned again about being ill so, me being me, just came out with it, this is what happened

Me: So, if you don't mind me asking what illness did you have when you were younger?

Date: Well, um, it's not not quite... oh bugger it! I had cancer when I was 25 & now I can't have kids! Now is your chance to turn & run for the hills & never see me again! Don't worry, it's happened before, I'm use to it.


Date: What?

Me: Join the club! I had cervical cancer when I was 25 & can't have children. 

He was not expecting that response from me at all! We spent the next hour or so comparing op scars, chemo scars & radiotherapy dots & laughing a lot!! Neither of us had intended to mention our cancer on a first date but we're glad we did now! Think we're just going to be friends though, neither of us felt much of an attraction to each other.

I never thought I would go on a date & find out that they had been through such a similar experience as me. It has given me a confidence boost as well, I am proud to be a survivor & I'm not going to worry about telling people what I've been through, I'm out the other side now & feeling stronger than ever!!

This is such a nice story made me smile. and you should be very proud. it takes a very strong person to get through and to take it in their stride. keep going the way you are going. you brightened up my day :)

A lovely story - thank you for sharing!

How lovely, and don't write him off as a potential partner just yet.Sometimes the most successful relationships start out as just good friends.

Hugs x

Good for you!