Cancer nurse specialist

I’ve heard many people talk about their CNS. 

Im 4 months post treatment and noone has ever mentioned one to me. 

Im just wondering what they do and should someone be making contact with me or is it something you get if you ask for it?

You are usually assigned a specialist nurse by your oncologist. I had two as I had chemo, radiation and surgery but only used one. Id ask if you want to have someone to talk too when your concerned, I talked to mine about every wee worry I had. She has been amazing in every way. 

Thanks, I’m definitely going to ask. I don’t know who I’m supposed to ask things too and I dnot want to bombard my gp with every little thought and niggle!

I have never had one either...


Where are you having your treatment?? 

I’m at the beatson. My 6 week follow up was at stobhill and that’s where I’m getting my first scan at end of month

I’m at the beatson aswell my specialist nurse was from dr sadiqii who performed my surgery :)