Cancer in iliac node

Hi Ladies,


After a very eventful 6 hour radiotherapy sessions yesterday where I was violentky sick all over the radiotherapy machine, OMG it was like a scene from the exorcist, thinfs have been alittle calmer today.

I saw my consultant today and asked him about my pelvice nodes, he told me the iliac node on left side shows cancer but that this did not change my staging 2b.  I have read thqat iliac node ivolvement has a much poorer prognosis,  Is this correct.  I do feel that I have not always been given full info about my cc qnd this worries ,e 

Hope u have had a good week with your treatment,  

Lots of hugs

Suzy x

Hi Suzy Don't worry about the node. The radio will kill it and iliac nodes are way better than para aortic nodes. The treatment is the same and there are plenty of survivors on here with way more advanced standing - me included. Trust your Doctors. Can I say I am secretly pleased you vomited all over the imaging machine. After 2 years of treatment I have developed a totally unreasonable dislike of all scans and radiographer. I fear they have taken the brunt of all my frustrations as you can't take it out on the Doctors and Nurses who are lovely. Good luck with it all Jayne


i agree with Jayne.  Don't worry about a node. The only reason that they need to know is to plan the radiation and points of interest during radiation. 

Sorry to hear you had an eventful session yesterday. That must have been quite the scene. Talk to your team about your side effects as they will help. 

No worries you got this!!!!



Thankyou ladies that has eased my worries.  So glad both of you have beaten this cc, it def gives us newbies light at the end of the tunnel.  Yes I do think the radiologist tend to be a little less empathetic, but I guess they are able to detach themself a bit more from how we suffer.

Today has been a little better, was bad after chemo yesterday, vomitting plus and oh the bowels, my poor bottom is so


suzy xx