Cancer found in loop biopsy

Hello everyone,

I recently received a letter sending me to colposcopy after finding abnormal cells and HPV after my smear. I had the lletz treatment/loop biopsy which bought back the results of cancer being found in my biopsy. Thankfully they managed to remove the cancer within the biopsy. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this before? I’m a bag of mixed emotions at the minute. I’ve been offered a simple hysterectomy, which I’m leaning towards accepting. If I don’t accept I will have regular 6-12 month check ups at colposcopy for the next 10 years. Has anyone else been in this situation?

First of all big hugs. Xx It’s jarring, I can imagine. I am anxiously awaiting my LLETZ results after my last colposcopy/biopsy found CIN3. I am happy for you that they got the cancer out — super news. :slight_smile: Other than the preventative aspect, did they explain why (else) a hysterectomy might be a good next step? My simple mind thinks if you got it out, you got it out, but am not a pro of course. I think you’ll find many in the same position as you here! Following with interest… meanwhile, take care!

Hello sorry about the results of the byopsy but congratulations on the clear margins and all out
Is probably a very personal decision to go for the surgery or wait.
I didn’t get a cancer diagnosis but with CGIN and CIN3 I was also given the option of constant monitoring or Hysterectomy . Checks as follows: 3 months then at 6 months ,I am having the 1 year in a couple of months, after that 2 more 6 months and yearly after that for a minimum of 10 years.
The constant monitoring at colposcopy can be stressful but it makes me feel that if something bad appears it can be dealt with quickly and the risk is low
I already had my kids so is not a fertility issue but just trying to avoid surgery for now, again mine was not cancer and maybe a slightly more difficult choice for you, but if the doctors have offered you monitoring as an option that means is low risk they wouldn’t recommend it otherwise. Take care and hopefully you can make the best decision for you.

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Thank so much to you both for getting back to me. Stupidly I didn’t ask at the time why they decided to offer me this option. The mental strain on me has been quite tough if I’m honest all the unknowing and wondering what if’s. The nurse at colposcopy was lovely and was just as surprised to find cancer within my biopsy, as she said she couldn’t see anything to raise any concern. I think my case is pretty rare.
I’ve had 3 lovely boys and my family is complete. Although I’m still quite young (34) I’ve decided to take the surgery as I feel this is the best option for me and my family.
I wish you all the luck in the world on your journeys.

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All the best to you too, and it’s not at all stupid to forget to ask questions — you were probably in a haze of “wtf?” like we all are when it comes to this virus. I have observed other women here be offered a hysterectomy after a diagnosis like yours, and Hop’s outline of the alternative/timings is also super helpful.

Do keep in touch - this forum has been very helpful to me and I hope you find comfort in it too. X