Cancer found at biopsy or lletz?

Hi everyone


I had my colposcopy and biopsy on 31st May and will be having lletz under GA soon. If you have cervical cancer is it usually not found until lletz? Is the biopsy done at the colposcopy just to grade the precancerous cells? I should have asked this at the colposcopy but I forgot what i wanted to know once I was in there!


I know I have high grade cells and have had bleeding between periods for 18 months, so I keep having days where I am convinced it's cancer, and then other days where I feel a lot more positive.  I've felt so up and down since I got the call to go for a colposcopy appointment!


Thanks everyone x

Try not to worry too much if all the same as u and after the lletz 4 weeks later got a letter and all is ok back again in 6 months xxxxx