Cancer found and removed, what next?

Hi all,


New here.


I went for lletz treament 4 weeks ago, after smear and colposcopy spotted abnormalities. I had to go in to see the consultant yesterday to discuss results.

She informed me they had infact found cancer, but managed to remove it with just the lletz treatment.

However, she said I am on the 'cusp'. I'm guessing she means  of reoccurance. So i need to have a think about my next steps.

She said, i can either leave it, as I am currently all clear, and just go for a smear in 6 months time, or i have have a small part of the neck of my womb taken away, which will obviously impact on my ability to carry a baby full term.

I am very lucky to have beautiful girls already, 3 years old and 15 months. I am uncertain of which direction to go. I am only 31 and hadn't made the decision of if i was done having babies yet. They had said if i had been 15 years older plus, they would have advised me just to get rid of everything.


Has anyone been in a similar position?





Hi, sorry to hear of your diagnosis. The same happened to me in January 2015. Had a lletz to remove cin3 but then got called back to say they'd found a tiny cancer. All had been removed but I was advised to have a cone biopsy top hat to get a good clear margin. I did that and that came back completely clear of abnormalities. I don't know how you feel about having more children but if I were you I would definitely have another lletz to be sure. It will increase the risk of not being able to carry a baby to term but as you've already got children I think it's the safest option to make sure you don't get a recurrence. Also if you do decide to have more children there's things they can do to help like put a stitch in to hold the cervix closed. I also had 2 young children when diagnosed. If it weren't for all this I probably would of had a third but I haven't as I worry I would lose it and really am happy enough with my 2. I've also been told I can have a hysterectomy if I want but it risks sending me into menopause and I'm only 38 now so I just have yearly check ups now and am now hpv negative. Good luck whatever you decide x

Thank you so much for replying.

Your story sounds identical to mine.

My heart does day go with the latter option. More children weren't necessarily in my future plans, but nor was not having anymore children if that makes sense.

I think hearing that word cancer just sends shockwaves doesn't it.

I'm back on 9th March to talk through next steps with them. 

Thank you :)

Hi, sorry to hear about your diagnosis. It sounds very similar to mine. I was originally diagnosed with CIN3 which turned out to be 1a1 cancer found in a cone biopsy. At the moment, that is the only treatment I have had and I have follow-up checks every three months. I asked my doctor a few times about having a hysterectomy but he said it isn't needed while I am clear. If I have abnormal cells show again, he said we will discuss it then. I have squamous cell though and I know that people mention adeno can have skip lesions so it is more often recommended to have a hysterectomy, even for stage 1a1. I hope the rest of your process is as smooth as it can be and this will be a distant memory before too long.

Hi there!

I was diagnosed with 1a1 cancer after a lletz procedure in Jan. 

Was given a cone biopsy to clear all of the cancer in March. 

I dont have a follow up till Sept, so I am assuming all clear. 

My only concern is with this being adenocarcinoma  should have i had an hysterectom . I am not worried about early menopause as I am 50 next month.