Cancer diagnosis today

So today I found out I have stage 1 cervical cancer… it was picked up after an abnormal cell (hpv detected previous year) smear at the end of last year.

The consultant who did my lletz procedure marked the results urgent as she was pretty sure on my examination I did indeed have cancer, they only took 2 weeks.

I’m 44, the same age my sister died of secondary breast cancer 8 years ago, so I was already not in a great place this year and being 44…

Consultant so far being great and trying to push things through at a fast pace, next thing full body MRI then hopefully just a hysterectomy, fingers crossed a keyhole one too… not telling my 12 year old daughter yet until i know whats what…

Honestly I’m in shock, they’ve had to make me a patient record at my local hospital because other than when I had my daughter (who I had in Derby) I’ve never had any other treatment ever in my life, i was even born at home…

Anyway, I’m hoping my cup half full attitude with get me through this, I’m preying i dont have this bloody awful disease anywhere else :cry: I feel completely numb …


Hi Jinxyjuja, I’m so sorry you received these bad news today. I know it’s a horrible shock and it feels awful that you cannot just shake it away and make it disappear. I want you to know that you will get through this. It will take time but you just need to be strong now, and tomorrow will be tomorrow’s business. In my experience, it does take time to let the news sink and to understand what’s happening. I had also been very healthy before my diagnosis at 35 and I couldn’t believe it was really happening. I don’t know if this helped but I really wish you all the best and good luck :heart:


Hi Jinxyjuja, don’t try to make sense of your feelings yet, you won’t be able to. You’re doing so well getting the practicalities sorted out, you may not have energy for thinking and feeling right now. Nottingham has a great cancer programme (my sister has secondary and being well looked after), so you are in good hands. It sounds like your positivity is going to be your greatest strength so keep on with the half fall thinking!


Hiya hun, im in the same boat as u, i recieved my news on friday after having lletz treatment 10 days prior, ive had my mri and ct scan now just waiting for my results to be discussed at the mdt meeting hopefully tomorrow.
Head is all over the place, only been told possible surgery or treatment therapy, im down as 1b1 at the moment just hoping the scans show no more.
How u coping?

I’m honestly not sure how I am feeling, I’m scared being referred to the same oncology team I sat with with my sister 8 years ago although they were amazing with her, its just dredged up so many memories and very sad ones at that.
I have been classed I think as 1a2 but I woke up having a panic attack at 4am in case my MRI scan finds more like it did with my sister - hers however started in her breast which spread to her lungs then her brain… she died at 44 and thats what age I am now - they said there was such a small amount of cancer in our family it was just a freak occurrence for her now 8 years on (nearly to the day since she went) here I am - I keep getting told not to make comparisons but its hard not to.

I’m really really scared but honestly trying to hold up the front for my family, I don’t want my daughter to twig on yet, I don’t think she’d cope with it at all… both my parents are gone too and its times like this I really miss my mum :frowning:

Hope you MRI results come back o.k or as o.k as they can be x

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Bless ya. It is so hard not to compare yourself to other ppl but as ive been told multiple times we are all individuals and will be treated that way according to our own results.
Ive not told my 7 year old anything yet until i know something more concrete and then it will prob be kept simple as she a worrier anyway.
I just have to keep thinking im on this road that i got to travel and im just going to keep going in it

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Pressed wrong button lol.
And hopefully reach a good destination at the end of it.
Thankyou, ive not heard anything yet, keep checking my phone.
Luckily at work to keep my mind off it a bit.
Good luck on your road and let me know how u get on. Xxx

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Appointment tomorrow morning, nervous as hell and fingers crossed for good news. Ill keep u informed. Xxx

Got everything crossed for you xxx

Thanks hun, good news it hasnt spread and its still at stage 1b1 so radical hysterectomy here i come, got appointment with doc next week to discuss the op, i think they thinking of leaving my ovaries but it might change.
How u getting on? Xxx

Oh I’m so happy for you, you will sleep tonight xx Still no news on the mri appt for me so just waiting for the ‘call’ ive even chased central appts at the hospital and she said the radiologist had to prioritise the cases/referals … just wish theyd phone me and i’d get it done with

I was diagnosed a couple of weeks ago and received my mri and CT results after the MDT a week ago. Radical hysterectomy for me in a few weeks, also wanting to leave ovaries but I think I’d rather they just took them too.

Depending on your hospital your specialist nurse might be able to give you the number for radiology and you can ask to go on a cancellation list, I was called 24 hours before my MRI and invited for a CT over the weekend

Thankyou, yes im hoping i will. Thats bad they havent booked your scans. My oncologist nurse phoned me monday and chased mine up and i was booked in later that day, you should be a priority. Id definitely be chasing it. Good luck and let us know how u get on.

Hiya, yes i feel same think id rather they take the lot then its just some hrt and we good to go.
Bricking the op but ive had a section so hoping it similar to that in regards of recovery plus hoping to have it done by keyhole. Let me know when ya get ya date for op. Xxx

My thoughts exactly, take it all… I’m hoping if all good with my MRI they’ll do mine keyhole too, I know I am lucky because if the consultant is right they caught mine super early so its localised to the neck … she actually said again, if nothing comes on the scans they weren’t expecting (again all on this flaming scan) she would be at my bedside when I woke from the operation ready to slap the HRT patches on me… !!

Mine is provisionally down for the 15th, just waiting for confirmation and pre op. I also had a section, recovery was quite hard but I was quite ill and was not prepared for surgery. They’ve said mine will be abdominal.

Afternoon. Thought I would share my story with you. Back in October abnormal smear followed by LLETZ, followed by Cervical Cancer diagnosis stage 1B1. MRI, CT and PET CT scans followed by radical hysterectomy on January 4th. No further treatment. Everything they took was clear. I am 52 with two teenagers. It has been a mad rollercoaster but I’m recovering well (had infection) but now getting over this. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. You will get through this. Don’t overthink it. They found a shadow on my liver, so I was convinced I had liver cancer but my bloods were all normal, so had a good talk to myself! Love to you xxx


MRI finally scheduled for tomorrow night at 7.20pm, my nose is going to grow the amount of little lies I’m telling my daughter, i will tell her but me and the husband have decided to do so when we know a plan of action…
Thanks for sharing your story too Kirstey, good to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel xx

Hiya hope scans went ok.and hopefully u have resilts back.
I went to see my consultant on wednseday and they doing it abdominally as less chance of reacurence then. 3 to 4 days in hospital though doh.
Was told 4 to 6 weeks for surgery but today got call and they had a cancellation so im in on 13th February (ahhhh)
I still have to decide if to keep my ovaries or not and im really not sure, trying to weigh up the pros and cons.

Anyone any advice?

Oh and told my 7 year old im having an op stomach but didnt go into too much detail as i think she too young to say the word cancer to her, when she is older i will but think now it would just scare her too much. Xxx