Cancer diagnosis stage

Diagnosis stage 1b3 but after mri stage changed to 3 but to be confirmed with pet scan. Has anyone else’s stage changed after pet? I am terrified that after my pet scan they will increase the stage again? Can anyone share their story has anyone else been given a stage after mri that then changed after a pet scan?

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Hi there, yes this can happen. I was initially diagnosed stage 1b (no MRI, but based on what they could see while they put me down for biopsy) but got bumped to stage 3c after PET scan because my lymph nodes lit up. In my case, we skipped MRI and went straight to PET. As long as the cancer hasn’t spread to any other parts of your body, the staging wouldn’t increase. I know to say ‘the wait is terrifying’ is an understatement of the century. Whatever the case, you’ll get through this.

Hi thanks for taking the time to reply to my post. I was diagnosed via biopsy and physical examination as stage 1 then after mri stage 3c1 - had my pet scan yesterday I’m beyond anxious waiting results. I am going to an appointment tomorrow with the cancer centre doctor and hope that my pet scan results will be available and can’t believe I’m saying it but hopefully I stage 3 still and no further. Its very difficult to remain positive and calm when your first stage predicted increased and jumped so much.
Can i ask how are you now and what stage of this nightmare are you at? I hope you have some positive news for me, thank u xx

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Yes, in fact I do have positive news for you but it’s not a straight line. After being diagnosed at stage 3C I battled it for months. The tumor in my cervix and surrounding lymph nodes were gone through radiation but the cancer had spread to my lungs which got me bumped to stage 4B. After that, I went on a different chemo regimen and started immunothereapy and targeted therapy. My most recent PET scan shows no cancer in my body. I returned to work a few weeks ago, I’m traveling again and working out again. So keep faith! You can do this. Here’s a more detailed outline of my cancer journey here: