Cancer chose the wrong person to mess with!!!!!

Got results today, all clear!!! I am,so drunk already!!!

Thats really great news.Have one for me :-)


All the best for the future

Becky X

Love posts like this! Huge congratulations! have fun celebrating. Xxx

So bloody happy for you!!! Hopefully more of us can sat this soon xx

Tan Ta Raaa!


Congratulations Tracy!

Hi ladies

i think it is slowly sinking in! Had bit of a,fuzzy head yesterday, after some alcohol was consumed lol. going away for weekend with hubby, so it's sure to be a good weekend! 

Annoying thing is that since treatment I have had aches and pains, and always thought it was spreading inside me! Today I have such a tummy ache, spoke to nurse about few other things going on and been told it's all to do with the radiation, and that's the annoying thing, my cancer has gone, but something will always be there regarding poxy cancer! Maybe I should look at it as a reminder that I beat it's ass! 


Anyway, enough rambling! 


Thanks for for replies ladies, it means a lot mwahhhhhhhhhh xxxx

Hey Tracy,

You may find that alcohol triggers a reaction that it didn't before the radiation.

Be lucky :-)