cancer cells in my cervix

heyy everyone .



can someone help me i can't seem to get it off my mind since my diagnoses last year of C1 cancer cells no matter how much people tell me i'm going to be okay it has scared the living day lights out of me.

no one understands how i feel .


Hi Fiona,

Trust me alot of us know how you feel. It's something that I'm afraid only really improved with time. My guess is that you are now being monitored with more regular follow ups? Try and take comfort in that if so....because if something did happen it would be caught early. 

You could also try ringing Jo's or Macmillan. Or even ask your doctor to refer you for some counselling. Sometimes getting it off your chest to a complete stranger can do you the world of good.

I too am in a similar boat....I am convinced something is still wrong following my treatment last year so I know how you feel x 

Thank you for the support.
It means alot as I feel alone in this my family don’t really understand what it is like .

I’m still struggling with jt even now I know me and the partner want to try for another baby and make it thr last one .
It just don’t get easier