Cancer cells in lynth nodes

Hi i was diagnosed with stage 1b cervical cancer . I 4 weeks post op radical hysterectomy. They took 13 lynth nodes and 2 had cancer cells so they changed my stage to stage 3 . I now have to have radiotherapy everyday for 5 weeks and chemo 1 day a week for 5 weeks .has anyone else had this. I am 31 with 2 kids and scared from 1b to stage 3. They said after this treatment they will monitor me for 5 years . Any adive on radiotherapy or chemotherapy. Thanks in advance

This happened to me exactly, except 5 lymph nodes were affected not two. I had two small boys. I went on to have the chemorads as you are about to do. Unpleasant but doable, you will get through it and it passes quickly.

I was aged 34 then…going to be 60 next month!!

Good luck!!

Karen x


It was a shock from 1b to 3 but at least it will definitely all be gone when treatment is done . Then fingers crossed i dont have any other forma of cancer after that .

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Hi Alice,

I had this treatment 2 years ago at the age of 33. It is doable over all. I started having side effects from week 3 mainly I needed a toilet in a very close proximity… however I managed it somehow with medication and diet. You will be quite exhausted after a few weeks so you will definitely need some support from relatives/ family for the period you are doing the treatment. My advise is to drink loads of water even if you feed up drinking it just drink it. It will minimise the side effects and it will increase the success of the treatment.

I really hope best of luck for your treatment.



Petesdragon, I really wish to reach your age!


In the same boat. Started treatment on Tuesday. Praying for strength each day. Terrible cramping which goes around to my back. Very uncomfortable. Hoping it gets better but doubt it. Any advise?

I am having a ct scan for radiotherapy on Thursday and one know what it intales and do i need to bring anything. Thanks. X

Hi Alice, you dont have to take anything but remember not to wear anything with metal. I bought a strechy sort of sports bra without any metal fasteners and wear that with a pair of linen trousers with elastic waist and a top. So i never have to undress whenever i am going for scans.

I did buy a non wire bra just for these scans :rofl: will this scan be when they tattoo dots on me for radiotherapy. I wasnt listening veey well to the information the consultant was saying . X

Good all prepared😀. If you’ve had alll your other scans then yes the ct scan for the tattoos is the last one before treatment starts. My scans were MRI of abdomen and pelvis, CT scan of lungs then whole body pet scan and finally CT scan for tattoos. For this one they scan you with full bladder then rescan with empty bladder so you have sit around for a bit. Getting the tattoos is easy you don’t feel anything. After this treatment usually starts around 2 weeks later.
Good luck any questions just ask

Hady ct dcan today , they only scaned me when my bladder was full with the dye . I havnt had mri so im hoping they dont think the ancer cells have spread. Start radio and chemo first week on oct . I am hoping i dont get really ill . Anyone had any side effects or didnt have any tips ect . Have chemo pre assessment next week they said that will tKe 2/3 hours .