Cancer cells found, scared!

I had my appointment to get my results from my lletz procedure today they told me they found cancer cells and want to do another lletz to make sure there arent anymore higher up in the cervix. 

Im not really sure how i feel and i dont think its right to post in the cervical cancer section because i feel like a fraud saying i have cervical cancer when it was literally just some cells and some people have it really bad. 

If they do the lletz and its clear then all is good and i just have to go back in 6 months for check ups. I am abit worried though about what will happen if they find more cancer cells higher up what happens then? I dont think they will as iv had a yearly smear since i turned 25 and they found hpv im now 29 but im still scared. Iv told my sister and she was just chilled out about it, not sure if she would think im over reacting if she knew i was worried or if she just tried to stay calm for my sake so i wouldnt worry more. Im confused and scared and i dont really know who to speak too.


Don't feel scared. The fact that it's been caught is the main thing!

I know how you feel tho about feeling a fraud. I told my bother and got upset and he wasn't that nice about it an told me I was over reacting. At the end of the day it's cancer however early it's been caught and for me it's still something to worry about.

I've got to now have a major operation that people seem to keep making out it's nothing that bad. For me it is.

Feel how you want to feel. They are your emotions and it's your body. I know there are people who have been staged higher but you have every right to be worried  and upset x


You are allowed to feel exactly how you feel. No one can tell you how you should behave,feel or think.

I totally get your feeling a fraud, I feel a bit like that too, I was very early stage adenocarcinoma 1A. However I still have McMillan cancer referral and all the other cancer information on my medical records. And I have had major surgery as a result, an operation that I never thought I’d have to have ever, never mind at 39.

I just feel expceptionally lucky that my routine smear test had done its job.

Allow yourself to go through the emotions and remember you are never alone.


You're not overreacting by being scared it's perfectly normal, but I know how you feel..My sister was the same with me, and so was my niece...Like you're told you're going for a biopsy and a colopscopy because your pap was abnormal, and you're not suppose to feel scare, ya right...They don't know until they go through it because I didn't understand the fear until I went through it...I had a cone biopsy done to get rid of mine, and like you, I was terrified and scared. I hope all the best for you, and keep us informed...


Diagnosed several high abnormal cells HSIL..Pre-cancer