can you still have a colposcopy when spotting?

I’ve been having some bleeding since 20th April. At first it was a full-blown period (sorry if TMI) but now it’s just light bleeding. My colposcopy appt is next Thursday on the 12th, if I’m still having a bit of bleeding/spotting will they be able to do it?

Hi foursimplewords.

It depends really. Some nhs trusts say rebook while others say it's fine.

I'd contact the colposcopy unit/gynaecology department of the hospital trust you are having your colposcopy in and ask a nurse for advice. The number should be on your appointment letter.

Hope this helps and good luck for next week.

thankyou :) 

I had mine done with light spotting going on. Just contact them to check so you dont have a wasted journey. Although i did just turn up on the day and told them as i wanted it over with. Xx