Can you have another smear after 1.5 years?

So my last smear was clear in August 2017. Since December I have had midcycle bleeding, pain, unusually discharge and last 3 week's I have had bleeding after sex too. I have had swabs for infection and having an ultrasound to check my ovaries as family history of cancerous cysts. 


If these all come back clear can I ask for another smear? I mean I can pay privately but that's around £500 near me from doing a bit of research. I will pay if I can't but can I ask for this on the nhs? 


I am 30 and have had a child if that makes any difference. 

Wow, that’s an insane amount! I was quoted £60-80 with results in 3-5 days. This is in the midlands. 

I think if there is Clinical need then I can’t see why a doctor would argue otherwise.

Yes I think you should ask to be referred to gynacology/colposcopy. The gp surgery might not be able to do a smear as sometimes the lab won't test it if it's not due but they should definitely be able to refer you to gynacology x