Can’t shake this feeling!

I had a second colposcopy done yesterday and I still feel really angry coz of it and dirty. I can’t shake this feeling and it’s getting me really down. It took everything in me to be able to go through with it yesterday. I cried my eyes out and just want these feelings to go away. I can’t fault the team who did it they were amazing but I’m still furious inside, I feel violated and I just don’t know why!!

Hi Hammy. I can relate to your feelings. I had my first colposcopy ever two weeks ago and my emotional/mental state has been off. I loathe having to do pap smears as it is but can totally relate that colposcopy feels super intrusive. I was crying during my procedure despite taking ibuprofen beforehand and trying to breath calmly. The thought of someone taking more aggressive samples of my cervix out leaves me feeling uneasy and like you said, violated. You are definitely not alone. Am hoping you are able to find some peace with your journey soon.