Can’t move forward after abnormal smear results

I had my smear in July a year after my previous smear which came back hpv+. My results showed low grade changes so I was sent to colposcopy in September. Results came back as cin1 and invited back in one year.

The relief from this was short lived. I think about it most days, what if it’s getting worse, what if I get cancer etc. Every little twinge or spotting I get I link to the cells. I’ve messed around with contraception since July trying diff pills, bleeding constantly then no bleeding. So I don’t even know what my cycle is anymore. Basically down there just seems messed up.

I can’t bring myself to have sex with my partner anymore because I just feel so disconnected from my body. I’m scared sex will make me bleed and send my brain into overdrive. I’ve been to the gp before about my anxiety when awaiting my initial results and was basically told to wait it out.

I suppose I’m not looking for a set answer to this. I just take a lot of comfort in this forum and it’s helped me through a lot of very anxious days xx

I think how you're feeling is very common. If it were me I would just do all I can to help my body heal itself so try and eat healthy, take vitamins, drink green tea, if you smoke then stop as smoking is linked to cervical problems. Also try not to mess around with hormonal contraceptives. I think it can help you feel empowered and that you are doing something to help the situation. You could see your gp if it's really taking over as sounds like you're suffering from anxiety so you could see a therapist or maybe take an antidepressant. I developed really bad health anxiety after all this and it took over my every thought. Just know that what you have is extremely common and majority will correct itself x