Can’t get a smear despite previous CIN3 and now pain and abnormal bleeding

Hey, I’m wondering if anyone has had a similar problem/I’m looking for some reassurance… on my first smear at 25 I had CIN3 and had to have LLETZ treatment, and then had an abnormal smear a year later, but after that was cleared to have 3 yearly smears. I’m due one in October but I’ve been having abnormal bleeding and cramps (not around my period) and some discomfort during sex. I’m on the pill and have very light bleeds and light pain, so am concerned. I went to the doctor (after a LOT of trouble getting an appointment, another story) and was told that I can’t have a smear until I get the letter in October to go, as even if she did one it would get ‘thrown away’. Is this not just the craziest system? She had a look and said things look ok, but didn’t really give any reassurance about the cause, so I’m still worried, given that I had CIN3 on my very first smear (which I had to beg to get an appointment for by the way). Has anyone had any similar symptoms, and also is there any way to bypass the system and get a smear? Thanks everyone xx

Hi Chloe, I cannot comment on your symptoms personally, but definitely think you should insist on a smear before October, mainly to put your mind at ease. Can you get one done privately?
I moved to Ireland from South Africa last year and I can’t believe the effort involved in getting an appointment/smear in Ireland! And the waiting times here are ridiculous, in SA I got my full results the next day! Here I am waiting 6 weeks for my test of cure even when using private.
Please let us know how you get on.

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