Can someone please explain my results!!

Hi, I recently had a LLETZ  treatment after abnormal smear. 

After a very long 6 week wait my results arrived but I'm none the wiser as they make no sense! It says..." there is no abnormality for CIN although there is a hint of high grade Glandular Intraepithelial Neoplasia. There are low grades and high grades within CGIN. These cells are in the gland component of the cervix both of which are pre cancerous. In view of your previous biopsy result showing CIN3 there is a discrepancy with your results and therefore we would like to review them in our next Colposcopy clinic."

Huh! I was hoping for some clarity but no ! Can anyone help explain please?


CIN is changes to the squamous cells of the cervix- which is the outermost layer. They're saying that your previous biopsy result showed CIN3 (which would mean squamous cell changes) but the Lletz are showing CGIN- which are changes to a different type of cell (the glandular cells). I'm assuming they're going to maybe repeat the colposcopy which is why it says in our next clinic? Or maybe they will be reviewed by another team? But nonetheless, the two biopsy results are different things as one said the changes were in the squamous and the other said changes in the glandular cells- so I'm sure further investigation is needed to figure it out. 

The good news is they assured you they were pre-cancerous and nothing too sinister I would assume. 

Hope I could help a little bit- best of luck with everything! 

all my smears have been clear but my last one came back abnormal. 

I had to got to the colposcopy clinic for lletz treatment and a biopsy, it came back that the changes weren't any of the CIN's but CGIN which is glandular layer (slightly deeper) 

I have just had my second lletz treatment 3 weeks ago as the first treatment didn't get it all so they've had to treat higher up the cervix.

the hospital have called me this morning with the biopsy results from the 2nd treatment and it's still not all treated/clear so now she says I've to have a consultation with the dr to discuss having a hysterectomy (I'm 30) because of the type of changes being glandular then there's not a lot of options unfortunately (in my case anyway) 

Thank you - you have explained the CGIN changes for me which they never did. I didn't realise these were  glandular cell changes. You've really clarified this obe for me ... I shall expect to be called back in for further investigation as you've suggested

Sorry to hear what you are going through. How do you feel about a hysterectomy? I will wait and see what awaits me treatment wise but I am fortunate in that I am now 45 and have had 4 lovely daughters. I no longer need my womb! But you probably feel very differently  

I have a 4 year old boy already but wont be able to have any more which is a hard thing to get your head around. Though the hysterectomy will remove any chance of this developing into anything further and the abnormalities have already spread further up to my uterus so the decision has been taken out of my hands, it's what the nurse and dr think are best for me and my health.

 I only got the news yesterday so still letting it all sink in and a little upset but I'm sure after I've had my consultation with the dr then I'll see it all in a better light