can someone please advise me

Hello everyone, i am new to this, i am 24 yrs old and i have just had my very first smear test and found out that i have abnormal cells, i have a hopsital appointment next thursday to start the colposcopy treatment, but i have had a leaflet today explaining what might happen etc, and there was a section saying that it is best if someone can come with you to take me straight home after the treatment has finished if not you have to stay in the hospital until you are well enough to go home on your own.

I have my mum coming with me but we are getting the bus and i was just asking whether it would be ok to get the bus after going through that or would it be better to go in a car?

I am very scared about all this as i have never been through it :(!! i would appreciate if someone can help me, as sometime its better to talk to people you dont know then someone you do know.


thanks everyone xx

Hi Kaley,


Sorry to hear that you have to go through this. Especially as it is your first smear test. I have recently had the Lletz treatment and a cone biopsy. I had my husband come with me as I was scared too. To be honest when the proceedure had finished I was suprised at how ok I felt. I had to have 4 anaesthetic injections but I think that is more than normal, usually they use two.

My husband drove home but to be honest I felt well enough to drive it was more emotionally draining. I didn't find any part of the tratment painful, I would just say it is uncomfortable. I am sure you will be fine on the bus but if you can get a taxi or someone to pick you up you might feel more comfortable. Make sure you rest when you get home. I have two young children and tried to do too much in the first few days and ended up with an infection as I didn't sit down.

Good luck with it hun, you will be fine xxxxxx

Hi Kaley,

I would echo what Helen said - I also had 4 injections during mine but didnt feel a thing and felt ok (except a bit shaky legged!) immediately after. I think you'd be fine on the bus. Good luck xxx

Hi Kaley,

just wanted to say good luck. I had LLETZ done 2 weeks ago, I was a bit dizzy after but to be honest I'm the same after a blood test! You will be absolutely fine on the bus, just make sure you put your feet up for a day or 2 if you do require treatment 


Hi Kaley,

Like you I was 24 and had no idea what was going on. I walked to the hospital with my mum (only about 5 minutes from my flat - useful but v. daunting in the week between smear results and appointment as I can see it from my flat!) and was fine walking back (we walked back a different way so it took about 10 minutes becuase I needed the fresh air!). As the other girls have mentioned I was ok physically albeit a bit shakey but mostly I was emotional and felt a bit shell shocked. I took some (more - I took some before i went lol) ibuprofen and curled up on the sofa for the rest of the afternoon. I generally felt a bit kocked for six and had period type cramping (serious cramping, usually one anadin takes mine away but two ibupofens and i could still feel it) but not so bad that I couldn't walk my mum to the train station (half an hour from my flat at the rate I was walking lol) and back later on. 

you'll be fine :) defintely a good decision to take your mum with you - my mum was fab, accidentally making me laugh during the colposcopy and generally nattering away to the other nurse and taking my mind off things. I think it helped that I was trying to reassure her about things which took my mind off what was happening - at one point I thought she was going to pass out (which is usually my trick!) and I was like 'hey, it's me in the chair!' lol. x

 x x xx

Hi Kaley,

I had a colposcopy and travelled home by bus afterwards, it was quite uncomfortable as I did experience quite severe cramping after the punch biopsy.

i found the best thing was 'buscapan' and ibuprofen.

Good luck with your procedure!

Fi xx