Can someone help me work this out......

Iv posted before but am so scared and no one answered last time, my colposcopy is Tuesday, first smear I had was a few weeks ago- borderline/ascus with high risk hpv- from searching google I get mixed fews- ... Some say it's a really bad result to have and some say it's just mild-  if it was cancer- full blown cancer would the smear not show a more severe result? Or am I  just wishful thinking? I don't understand what this means- does it mean the cells have changed but they don't know how bad it is. The high risk bit scares me. I havnt slept I can't eat, has any one had this result before? I also have had a few symptoms like heavy discharge, slight pelvic pain would you have this if it was just  pre cancer? And I spotted once after sex and bled once inbetween periods al these symptoms have happened in the last three montish that's why I asked for a smear they were gonna refuse as I'm 24 and not 25! Which I think ls disgusting  and this is my first smear. So I am petrified. Please if anyone's reading this- what was your smear results and outcome? :-(

Hello love

I know how scary it is! However everyone on here who has had some sort of abnormality and CIN will have had HPV at some point. So many people have HPV, its just for some of us it causes cell changes. With a borderline/mild result it is highly unlikely it is CC. For that result they used to leave it 6 months and retest to see if the changes had righted them selves, however now they do the hpv test as well and if it is postive and you have mild changes they refer you straight away. They will take a look at your appointment and be able to tell you if they think its mild or more severe,and they will probably take a biopsy to double check. If it does turn out to be slightly worse they may treat there and then.

I started off at mild last year and they left me for 6 months, when I went for my colp it was severe - they doubted it was ever mild in the first place but because the area was small they hadnt picked up many naughty cells!! This isnt meant to scare you but reassure you, I waited 6 months, had cin3 and now its all been removed.

Hopefully for you it is just mild and it will sort itself out!

Good luck!


Thank you so much for your reply I feel so very alone and don't want to keep worrying my family talking about it . Did you have any symptoms? Xx


I did have quite alot of discharge - however this can be caused by erosion or being on the pill. An erosion can also cause some bleeding after sex. CIN does not normally cause many symptoms.

Before I was treated I was convinced it was something worse - I had been to the doc for pain after sex and my cervix was very inflamed, however it the end it was just CIN and it has been removed!



Thank you so much for your replies xx

Hi Amy

I remember how I felt when I received my smear results which were the same as you.  Devastated that I had high risk HPV and concerned about the borderline changes.  Even though the chances are overwhelming that everything will be fine it's still scary.  I had so many people say to me, oh I had that done it's really common, as if questioning why I was so worried!  But be reassured that everyone on here understands...

I was surprised that I had to attend a hospital appointment with a borderline result.  I know that in the past they just retested in 6 months but they now factor in HPV results.  It's a very positive change and means that any potential issues can be highlighted and treated early.  It's good to be in the system and know you will receive treatment or be monitored if you need it.  Mild changes do not always require treatment, they can revert back to normal in time.

I can't tell you not to worry, because you will anyway :o) but the chances are even if they do find something it can be easily treated.  If there are any changes, it is very unlikely to be cancer from a borderline smear result and most likely to be pre-cancerous so NOT cancer. 

If possible try and take your mind off things, keep yourself distracted.  Waiting for appointments and any results is a nightmare.  And I'd advise no googling!

Wishing you all the best for Tuesday.

Take care

Kirsty x


Thank you for your reply Kirsty, was that your first smear that showed the same result as me? and did you have any symptoms before youwere diagnosed? It's pretty scary that I may be facing that as I not a strong person! hope to hear from you soon xxx

i have just has a 2nd leep done for treatment for cin3. and the hardest part is waiting and waiting for results,  u will worry, u ill imagine all kinds of horrid things that could be going on inside, u may be embarrassed to mention it, u may feel that its best not to tell certain people because of worrying them, all these we have all been through. and that is where the online forums are a godsend, ask whatever you want someone somewhere will have an answer, but pllllllsssss step away from google it dont help lol  

Hi luceee thanks for your reply, sorry your going through this too! What were your original smear results that led to the colposcopy? Xxxx

Hi Amy

I'm 38 so I've had several smears before, all of which were clear.  I had no symptoms (apart from a bit of spotting but I was on the mini pill and that was usual for me anyway).  So to be honest it was all a bit of a shock.

Please don't let my result worry you, my consultant went to great pains to inform me it is extremely rare for anyone to get a borderline result and be diagnosed with cc.  I was in the first week or two of patients at my hospital to be seen with HPV+ and a borderline result.  From what I could gather the vast majority of them were completely fine and needed no further treatment.  Often it can be changes due to the pill that cause a borderline smear and nothing more sinister.

My case was unique - I think  I gave the consultant a bit of a shock too.  But my case was highly unusual and the odds are very much stacked in your favour.  Please don't worry too much :o) hopefully you'll have some clarity and reassurance tomorrow.

Best wishes

Kirsty x

Thanks hun, I'll keep you updated xxx

Hi Amy

I know what a worrying time it is. Since I first got the letter in October saying that my smear showed abnormal cells, I don’t think I’ve had an anxiety free day!

Like everyone else says, it’s the waiting that is the worst. I was diagnosed with mild changes, which turned out to be cin 2. Oh and hpv positive - joy! had my lletz last Tuesday so am waiting once again for hopefully good news.

It is a scary time but chances are, you will be totally fine. Remember that as supportive as this forum is, many of the women posting here are in the minority with having had bad news - as kirsty said, it’s so rare for borderline result to be cc. The vast majority of cases just need treatment and that’s it. I think it is the word pre-cancerous that is so scary - we tend to ignore the pre and focus on cancerous! We are so.lucky to have access to a screening programme like this. I tell all my friends how important going for a smear is and snr so relieved I’ve never missed one.

Take care, try not to worry and keep us updated on how you get on x x x

Thanks everyone for your replies, I had my colposcopy and he said it looks very mild, he thinks cin1 so has taken biopsy ouch I'm such a wimp, he said I'm in the system now so I will be monitored and if it's cin2/3 I will need more treatment but his hopeful it isn't, I'm so happy but at the same time not looking forward to all smears/colonoscopies I'll probly have in my life time but it's a small price to pay for my health, one thing iv learnt is how strong people are and that amazes me, also I'm going to try and get the age lowered in England to 20 for smear I'm 24 and I got refused but persisted until I got one! If I had left it another year only god knows!! I'm also going to get healthy and do a run for life or some sort of charity as its opened my eyes to how much stress and tears this can put on a family!! My mum has been a nervous wreck! Bless her and me too! So although there's changes im quite happy to be constantly smeared and have colposcopies and I will do my best to let young people know the importance of a smear! Sorry for the essey, good luck to all of you here and thank you so much for your support. Xxx

Hi Amy, I was in a similar situation too you, I had a smear refused on the grounds of being24 even though I experienced irregular spotting bleeds and pain especially after sex....and still do. I had my cin has gone now they say, however they want to look into the continual problems. I did some research regarding the reason for the smear age for a university project and they state the reasons for it staying at25 is due to it being common in girls under 25 to hav CIN present and usually goes away by itself. And that if its detected so young can lead to treatment being given when it doesn't need it. Having said this I don't necessarily agree and i would have taken the opportunity too have smear younger especially when presenting symptoms. Hope this info helps x

I completely agree although I did research and 500 woman in england aged 18-24 are dignored with cervical cancer and mainly because they were to young, I understand some woman Don't need it but all them poor woman who die a year young girls and finance seems to be the real problem! And even young girls with cin1 don't have to be treated but Atleast watched/monitered, xxxx

Having read a lot on here, I can see that a lot of women on here are 25 or under. Many were refused smears for being too young. How many more need to suffer before they lower the age limit! It seems ridiculous.

morning. Im just wondering if anyone has heard of or been in this situation before. My smear resukt came back with 'Glandular Abnormalities' I was referred for a Colosocopy and was seen within 2 weeks. I had Lletz treatment and biopsies taken at the same app during the Colosocopy. I phoned for my results and was told everything was fine, however I received a letter saying my results were not "as exciting as they had expected" and although the it was good news that biopsy resulys were clear this left her "confused as to the significant abnornality'picked up from my initial smear. It goes on to say that they will discuss my results at this months meeting. She has also asked for the original smear to be examined again. I've left a message for the consultant but she has yet to call back. I'm wondering if my results has been mixed up with someone else or if the biopsies have been taken from the wrong area. Sorry for the long post, I'm just so confused. X