Can Somebody Please Clarify

so, just because the nurse said I had "abnormalities" and started talking about hysterectomy etc, doesn't necessarily mean anything is wrong? She couldn't determine just by lookig that I actually NEED a hysterectomy?? I am due to have an MRI scan this afternoon (Thursday) and dreading it. Trouble is, I feel so good in myself that I don't believe anything could be wrong but then I just think CANCER. I guess everybody feels this way??

Hi, first of all wishing you well for this afternoon.  I dreaded my MRI too but it wasn't as bad as expected.  I felt fine too, I hadn't had any symptoms at all.

Just try and keep an open mind as nothing is cast in stone yet.  Some tumours can be seen (so I've heard) - I would be suprised if a hysterectomy was mentioned if she couldnt see anything.  The MRI will detail just what the abnormalities are and hopefully your treatment plan will be better than originally thought.

Yes, everybody does feel that way and it's awful being told you have cancer.  However, once you know then treatment can start.  My mind was all over the place at the stage you are now but things do get better.

Keep us posted on how you get on.