Can smears be wrong?

i suppose I'm looking to much in to things- my smeat came back high grade cgin cells and suspected cc and I have my results back saying I had con 1,2 and 3 but what I find off they sId they won't dictate any treatmemy till the mdt. Why is this? And why would a smear come up this but my loop biopsy say it hasn't found any cgin cells? I've been as positIve as I can be, now I'm half scared if the biopsy didn't go high enougH. I know its good news in a way. but I feel everything has been really unorganised and poor practice since I had it done as I had a letter when I first had my smear saying I should have been contacted by my gp which I didn't, then while I had my loop biopsy they had major faults while doing the procedures and tje consultant off on annual leave and only getting my results today, I'm not normally an axious person but with it being my health and having two young children it has really got to me. Any body else have this? Xx sorry for the rant x

Hi darling, 

i completly understand your frustration and confusion.. I too did not understand my flippant response I received and now a week o. I've decided that I want further answers/explanations.

i am going to book an appointment with my gp to discuss my results further maybe you could do that? It may put your mind at ease?

 know that you are not alone, we are all hear to support each other xxxx

In answer to your question 'can smears be worng?' the answer is yes.

I don't think i've ever had a smear match my biopsy results. But Biopsy results trump smears in my opinion. 

Aww bless you my go said they are 99% correct which worried me they have missed something, I have rant my gp and the gyno gps arent there till Monday xx silly how they can put us through this stress x hope you are all well xx

My consultant said smears are very sensitive and pick up locations of abnormalties but not severity xx

I thought they could because they are taking the cells from you and growing them? Surely if they can't tell why did she tell me this :/ x