Can pregnancy make hpv & abnormal cells return ?

I had Lettz for CIN2 4 years ago, just after the birth of my child, everything has been fine since but I have never had unprotected sex with my partner since as I am so worried about hpv and abnormal cells returning, however I am now getting to the point where I am desperate to start trying for a baby but I am anxious that the hpv and abnormal cells will come back, or that o will catch the hpv back off my partner as I have recently tested negative, has anyone had pregnancy after Lettz and can reassure me that it won't all happen all over again ?

hi, i haven't been pregnant since my lletz and I did worry the same with pregnancy suppressing the immune system. However I do know women that have had lletz, got pregnant and been fine since. Ive had lletz, had unprotected sex with my partner since and now showing hpv negative. I think our bodies learn to suppress the virus x


Libby or maybe the body really get rid of it, nothing like suppressing.