Hi, i am new on here too.  I had CIN over 20 years ago and had two cone biopsies which cleared everything up - went on to have two kids.  I was told to have annual smears which I have done, but then to go back to every 3 - 5years.  Had one three months ago and the doc said my cone biopsy looked red and sore and in fact looked like it had been done recently rather than all that tie ago.  The smear was inconclusive so back again 3 months later.  Just come home and raelly worried.  The doc said my cervix still looked really red, raw and sore and possibly had an erosion but that she was referring me for colposcopy.  I have had no symptoms of anything at all but I feel like history repeating itself and that I have advanced cancer which has been missed as they didn't let me keep having annual smars and changed me to longer intervals.  She said it could be hormonal changes as I am on the 'change' but just looked on itternet which I know is worst thing you can do - and it says erosions rate in women my age.  Can anybody put my mind at ease????

Hello, it’s good they have booked a colposcopy for you and the smear was inconclusive. Its is unlikely that you can have advanced cancer and a smear and cone biopsy not pick it up.

Can I just say that CIN is NOT cancer, CIN is abnormal changes in the cervix that can lead to cancer. The level of which (1-3) determines how likely this is, however its not a definite and low levels can clear by themselves. HPV that causes abnormal cells can lay dormant in your system, but after 5 years (or so, depending on the area you live in) they deem this unlikely and put you back on normal three yearly smears.

Please try not to worry until you know anything for definate, though I understand how hard this is. They can give you a better idea at the colposcopy and fingers crossed your GP is right and its erosion and if not, then there are hundreds of ladies here (myself included) that can testify, its not the end, CIN and Cervical cancer is very treatable. As I said, the important thing is they are dealing with it.

Best wishes

Thanks for your reply (sorry I just realised my previous post was full of typos!),  The cone biopsy was what I had so long ago and so that can't be counted in more recentl circumstances.  However,  I am thankful that my surgeon did one, instead of going for the hysterectomy which he said he would normally recommend, as at the time I was in my twenties and had no children.  He said because of thathe would do a second biopsy instead - which he did and which not only allowed me to have kids but also meant that I have had all this time worry free.  And so all was well for so long.

Maybe I got it wrong re CIN and it was early cancer Dawn, and that's why he originally suggested the hysterectromy?

So 3 months ago I had my first smear, for over 20 odd years ago that has come back inconclusive.  At the time the comments from the doctor about my cervix red and sore did make me worry a bit.  Today when I went back for my repeat smear, she said it looked the same and so there was no point in doing another smear. Her fairly fast suggestion of colposcopy rather than repeat smear has set alarm bells ringing.  I am trying to get it all in perspective but we always think the worst don't we?  On a positive note, I suppose nobody is delaying anything.

As we all know though, often the watiing around is the worst bit of being ill. I did consider going private but another thread on here said it was around £1,000 so will have to just wait and see and keep positive.  Thanks for you support Dawn, I will let you know how it all goes.





Sometimes it all gets so confusing, I had my diagnosis by phone and I wish they’d written it all down now as I can’t remember the actual terms used. Everything becomes a blur when you’re worrying :frowning:

I have everything crossed for you, it does sound like they are investigating, its just the waiting and worrying that can drive us all insane.

Ill be thinking of you and sending positive thoughts x x x