Can I request another smear test?

Good morning. 

I had a smear test in 2013, results came back that CIN 3 was removed and that my next screening will be in 2016. Ever since I've had thrush. I went to my local GUM clinic and was prescribed the usual thrush medication, i've also used the over counter thrush treatments but it's not worked. I've called the clinic that carried out my coloscopy and spoke to the nurse, she said that having thrush after the treatment isn't something she's heard of.

I don't want to visit my GP has this is an embarressing issue for me, I'm a very private person. But I want another smear test because this whole situation is making me worry and is making my current bout of depression alot worse. I feel like I can't breath. 

Can I request another smear test and if so who do I need to ask?

Thank you in advance for your help.




I would definitely go see your doc or find a nice doctor that you CAN talk to! 

In the meantime, it might be worth trying the BV gel that you can buy in places like Boots and Tesco.  It alters your vaginal PH and it's meant to protect you from thrush and bacterial infections.

I certainly don't think it can hurt you so it might be worth a try.

As far as I know you can't get another smear on the NHS until yours is due, but you can buy one privately from people like Bupa.


You could also try live natural yoghurt (no, you don't eat it). It can be a bit messy trying to spoon it in but it might make you laugh :-) I always got thrush after a course of antibiotics, to the point (I think) that the thrush became immune to the Canesten.

Why do you want to book an early smear test?

Be lucky


Hi Libby,

Thank you for your reply and advice. I will pop out this afternoon and get some BV gel. I will also look into how much it will cost to have a smear privately. Kind regards LDM

Hi Tivoli.

Thank you for your advice. I would like to book an earlier smear test or demand another one because I want to be sure there are no abnormal cells and to insure there is no cerviacal cancer. I read a story in a newspaper about a girl in a similar situation to mine and despite her demands for another retest the NHS refused and now she has months to live. I'm not saying this will happen to me but I cant move my thinking forward until I know for sure. 

Kind regards


Hello again :-)

Well I can understand your concern. To the best of my knowledge the NHS is likely to refuse an early test but you could have it done privately.

Be lucky



This is an old thread but I'm new and am unsure where to post (will figure it out soon enough) and this is on topic for me. 

In a nutshell; had baby number 3 in 2016 then started suffering with symptoms. First came leg pain, pelvic pain, then erratic periods, heavy prolonged bleeding and post coital bleeding.....

Took 8 mnths to finally be taken seriously was even prescribed antibiotics anxiety meds for my so called "pain" eventually I under went a lap which of course showed nothing...which only made me feel more like I was imqginima it all. 

Then I had my smear invite (6 months early I was 24 at the time..) it soon came back with severe high grade diskaryosis CIN 3. I had a colposcopy within a week and underwent treatment. Afterwards I was like a new woman! After healing my body went back to normal! No pain during sex no erratic bleeding! It was clear what had been wrong. 

But now my youngest is 2 and despite having my 6 month checkup coming back clear in June last year, Everything is started 2 days before Christmas 2017. But worse than before. Heavy bleeding, pelvic pain back pain leg pain, feel sick with it sudden short-lived headaches, postcoital bleeding...had an urgent referral to gynaecologist and my go said I needed a colposcopy and bloods etc...I go to my urgent app He made me feel uncomfortable after dudiscussi my previous sexual history and infections (PID) it felt as though he had made a judgement from there on out. (I have been in a stable relationship for a very long time and had even gone to the gum clinuc as asked by gpto rule out STIs  which all ofcourse came back clear. 

He did an internal and said quite rudely i smell very bad (which me or my partner and the gum clinic had not realised!) Said it's clearly an infection and that's that. Swabs have been sent.

Now I didn't have an odour (and still can't tell I do) before I went to the app else the clinic would have picked up on it. But my point to this very long draft is really I have literally every symptom going if you include the unpleasant smelling discharge so why is the gynaecologist denying me a repeat smear test? 

Am I not within my rights for one?  

I know I'm 25 and it's very inliunli but this feels exactly as it did before and I had CIN 3. 

I don't want to wait 3 years to find out something worse....sorry for such a long post hoping someone can advise X