Can I request a GA for Lletz

Hi everyone 

it’s been a while since I have posted. I had my first colposcopy in August 18 which was surprisingly straight forward and I got so worked up over it! I received a letter confirming CIN2 and HPV virus and booked in for a review 4 weeks later. This appointment was cancelled 3 times and eventually ended up going in January. I’m not even sure what my expectations where but as I’m not aware of the process I assumed it would be to discuss my options. 

When I turned up my consultant was there with a trainee gynaecologist and a male trainee doctor and told me I needed a further colposcopy, at this point I got upset and explained my medical fears which she told me don’t worry they have gas and air and to go and get changed. The whole experience was a nightmare and whilst the G&A kept me calm I had an extreme vasovagal episode and they couldn’t bring my BP up for a long time. I was mortified to come round with the poor young male doctor holding my legs in the air full vag on display :(


the whole experience left me terrified and I’ve had bouts of anxiety ever since where I’ve been in situations at work and worried I’m going to faint and embarrass myself. The hospital won’t give me much further info apart from you need treatment, I called and cancelled my last appointment to which an unsympathetic secratery simply told me you will need to come even when I ended up in tears on the call to her. 


I feel like I’m coming across as a brat as I know my health is important but been thinking about lletz and injections down there makes me feel faint and when I tell people I know they just shrug it off or laugh... 


sorry for the rambling but has anyone been similar to me and requested a GA? or do I just need to put my big girl pants on and get on with it? 



Oh dear that does sound pretty mortifying but I'm sure he's seen it all before if he's training to be a gynaecologist. I would say if you're so anxious and it would make you more willing to get the treatment then you should definetly request your treatment be done under general, it will be much less stressful for you if you're getting in a state and much easier for the doctors if you're relaxed and still so definitely call and ask. I've had 3 lletz, 2 under local and one under general. I actually panicked more with the general and being out of control but everyone's different. With the locals I just clamped my hands over my face and grit my teeth till its done, apart from the initial sting of the local injection I didn't feel anything after that. Good luck x

And I don't think you're coming across as a brat at all. It's a really unpleasant and invasive experience having to go through all this and you can't help your reactions x

Hi I had a GA for my lletz.

i can’t stand my smears as they are excruciatingly painful and when I had my first colposcopy they couldn’t go through the full thing because I couldn’t ‘tolerate it’ in their words. 

They said I would need a lletz and they told me I could have it under GA so I did. 

It’s nothing about putting big girls pants on. What one person doesn’t find painful another one can so why put yourself through something that will hurt you so much if there is help there.

i would honestly just ask for a GA and they can be as rude and snotty as they want just demand it x

The adrenaline in the local anaesthetic made me feel awful. My heart was racing so much and I didn’t know whether to barf or pass out.


Dont be afraid to ask for a GA. You know yourself and needs better than anyone.

I am exactly the same! And am awaiting biopsy results but basically the consultant told me I will have to have treatment. I have been a hot mess thinking about the local procedure and have only calmed down thinking that I might just have GA. I’ll be requesting GA as well so please don’t feel bad! Iv convinced myself that it’s better to have a better experience and not be afraid of the future than it is to just try and grin and bare it and be petrified every day.