Can I have a bath now??!

hi, question as above. Had Colp a week and 2 days ago still have discharge. The nurse said to shower not bath but never said for how long. Fed up with showers just want to chill in a nice bubble bath. Can I do that now. If not when can I? Thanks. 

Oh forgot to say. Had a punch biopsy at the colposcopy. 


I didn't want to read and run - I had the same, a coloscopy and punch biopsy a week ago. I too am desperate for a bath but likewise I wasnt told how long to wait. 

My plan is to wait until the discharge stops! Maybe someone else on here will know what we're meant to do! 


Hey girls I had a punch biopsy and had a bath a week later with no problems.  I was desperate for a warm bath!  Makes you feel clean :) I didn't put bubble bath in just in case but have had no problems and had a bath with bubbles about 10 days after and was fine.  Going for lletz Mon and not looking forward to waiting 4 weeks till another bath!  :( xxx

I'd leave it for as long as you can physically wait!  Nothing wrong with being over-cautious but yeah, if you do, no bubbles!

My doctor's advice was to wait until any bleeding to stop. I didn't really bleed after my biopsies (I had some brown-ish discharge which I assume was bleeding when they actually took the samples), so I waited for the discharge to stop. I was going on holiday a couple of weeks after, so I really did err on the side of caution as to not end up with a full blown infection right before I went away.

I was given a pamphlet by the nurse which said that, until the bleeding stops, you should avoid intercourse, swimming and hot bathes. It said warm bathes or showers were fine - but I didn't know how hot was too hot, so I just opted not to go for a soak in the bath for a week-and-a-bit.

Ok so as I'm pretty much 10 days after biopsy should be ok. No bubbles. Thanks all. 

hi I had leep just over a week ago my gyne said there is no reason why u cant have a bath! So I did and I've been fine some say don't others say do just depends on how u feel


I read on Internet don't bath but hosp didn't mention it. I had bath 1 week post lletz with out bubbles or anything, no adverse reactions