Can I get my results by phone?

Hi guys


I had my LLETZ done 7 weeks ago and i am still waiting on results. I am really fed up of waiting and I am driving myself mad, and I am frustrated that it is taking this long. I was told I would hear back in 4-6 weeks of the appointment. 


I rang the colposcopy twice and both times they said they couldnt tell me the result over the phone (although the first time they didnt have it back from pathology labs yet). The second time I rang they had just received my result back. I was fine with not being told on the phone because they said I should hear within a week and if I dont to call them again. That was a week ago today. I am sick of being told how long Ill have to wait, painstakingly waiting to hear each day, only for them to go over the time that they said it would be. 


Anyway, i have read on here that some ladies have managed to get their news on the phone? I am going to ring again tomorrow. If they say it still hasnt been sent out to me, I am going to be annoyed. I cannot do another weekend of not knowing. How did you guys manage to get them to tell you?


Thanks, and sorry if this is a bit of a badly phrased ramble. 

Hi Puzz,

I called yesterday after a 4 week wait and they told me over the phone that everything looked fine. The receptionist said they got them back a couple of weeks ago so I questioned the delay in sending it out to me. It seems teh results come back from a lab and then need to get checked by the consulatant and I think this is where the delay lies. 

I would keep calling if I were you as 7 weeks is ridiculous.


Good luck xx



Thanks for your reply. I rang again today and they said they are still waiting for it to be reviewed/signed off by the doctor, who isn't in until Tuesday, so it's another week of waiting. Which will be 8 weeks since the LLETZ :(


Do you mind me asking who it was that told you? Was it the receptionist or did you ask for a nurse or someone to call you back? I asked if there's any way they could tell me but they said no :( the receptionist said they couldn't even view my result but I don't know if that's really the case!

Hi Puzz,

I phoned exactly 6 weeks which is when the doctor told me the results would be back. The receptionist put me through to a nurse and the nurse told me on the phone the result and would also be sent to me via post once the doctor had officially signed it off.


I would call and ask for the results to be given .I too was anxious in waiting for results and can't imagine how you must be feeling after 7 weeks. X

I've been waiting 13 weeks and no results either gp or me... I rang hospital and was told I have an appt  on 18th June but wouldn't for?