Can I demand a historectomy

Hi I'm Emma I'm 33 and have had 3 treatments so far for abnormal cells and tomorrow I go for another colposcopy due to bleeding during intercourse 

My question is has anyone ever demanded a historectomy or cervix removal as I'm so fedup with these treatments and all the worry that goes with them

I have 3children already and after the third had the 10 year coil fitted so I know I definitely don'twant anymore kids 



Could anyone give me any advice on how to get the docter to see sense and grant my wish 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated  thanks Emma 

Aww bless u hun i askd my doc n she laffd at me n sed no no way your to young am 24 ihave  a son with additlnal needs and  i no i deffo dont want anymore but still sed no just keep asking hun xxx

I'm no expert but from what I have seen in here, if you've already had 3 treatments then they will start to look at other treatment options if more treatment is needed. I would just keep pushing & expressing your wishes. 



Hi thanks for the reply I go next week for a hysteroscopy to rule out anything to do with my womb 

The consultant didn't rule out a historectomy but wants to try and change my coil see if that helps 

Thing is Ive had these problems long before my last child and long before I had the coil fitted so to me it feels like I'm being fobbed off for 3 months whilst theew coil settles in the process is just so long but the worry doesn't just go away 

Ill up date next week when I get the results 

Emma x