Can I change hospital for follow up appointments

Hi all
I’m looking for some advice / words of wisdom.
I finished treatment for recurrent cervical cancer last October 2015 I completed five weeks of chemotherapy (cisplatin ) and radiotherapy ,
I have asked to change hospital trusts for my follow-up appointments as I don’t really get on with my current consultant I find him very negative and he makes flippant remarks such as "if I was a betting man the cancer will be back "
I went to see my GP who was happy to refer me to another hospital trust after explaining my issues, I haven’t heard from the other hospital and so I decided to chase this up. My GP surgery today advised me that the other hospital trust doesn’t have to see me they prioritise their own patients in that area and that they are short staffed, I also haven’t heard as the consultant at the hospital I want to go to is on holiday and so will look at my case when he is back.
my question is , I thought NHS patients could choose where they were treated ? And that NHS patients had a right to choose where they want to be seen ?
My GP never had a problem in referring me but it seems it is going to be harder to be seen somewhere else than I thought .
I know I might sound like a spoilt child but I’m so desperate to change hospitals, any advice, experience or knowledge would be much appreciated
Many thanks to you all , I hope someone out there can help .

Dec 2013 1b1 Adenocarcinoma .
July 2015 - recurrent CC to the left overary

Your consultant sounds like an utter shit.  It's one thing to be abrupt and not good with people, it's another thing completely to be so callous and unfeeling. Totally understand that you would want to move to be treated by someone who is worth a damn.

You explained your reasons to your GP who wrote your referral. The other hospital hasn't actually said that won't take you. I don't know the protocol about the NHS either but I would contact PALS for advice to see how the change could be done. Then I would google "how to change my NHS consultant". Then I would find out the name of the consultant I want and I would email or write to him/her. Tell him what a crap experience you've had with Dr. Dickhead and how you've heard wonderful things about him. Go back to your GP and tell him/her again how important it is for you to have a doctor who is supportive and encouraging. Tell him what the new hospital said and ask him what you can do.

Could you ask for a "second opinion" to get you in front of the new doc where you could plead your case?

I'm sure someone on here will have direct experience and will jump on and help you. My comments may not help at all, but it does make my blood boil when doctors are shitty . 

Good luck.

I have a similar story. 

I was diagnosed at my NHS - consultant was horrible. they don't do treatment at my hospital so I was sent to one in another region. 

My consultant there is amazing and when I went for my first check up he said my mri would be booked at my local hospital. I just asked him if I could stay under his care. He said yes as long as I can put up with him for 5 years. 

I think you are able to stay at another hospital as true to his word my next appointment is with him. 

HI both 

thank you so much for your replies , much appreciated . Lozlepezz  I'm so glad have a consultant you get on with it makes such a big difference , at a time when you need your fighting spirt the last thing you want as in my case , is the health care professional making you feel like your going to pop your clogs at some point  and nothing else can be done , so it's great you have a fab consultant.  Teresaf , i will contact PALLS fab idea thank you and google how to change my consultant , I'll certainly take on board all of the advice you've said , you did make me smile with your dr dickhead , you've been really helpful , and put a smile on my face so thanks . 

thanks to both of you again 




Greeni! I am appalled! I can't be of any help at all but I wanted you to know that I am shoulder to shoulder with you. I had been going to include the words; name, address and cricket-bat in this post but I don't think that's legal ;-)


Be lucky :-)

I keep having issues also although not with my consultant as she is brilliant and I couldn't wish for a better person! I have issues where they're trying to send me to another hospital which takes 2 hours to get to and being poorly, not being able to drive I have to reliy on buses as a taxi would cost me about £50 for both ways money  don't have. They've tried to send me to this other hospital for a scan and now they're trying to send me there for an operation on my bladder as I need my stents need changing and a hole in my bladder needs to be repaired. My appointment to see the doctor was a month ago and I didn't even see the person I was suppose to of and the person I did see asked me why i was there!!! I was like I don't know I've got an issue and your ment to be helping me....60 minutes later I came out more confused as all I was told was my stents were being changed I already knew this!

they wind me up 

I've just read this thread and I think it's awful that everyone doesn't have the same access to consultants and medical teams who treat them with the respect they deserve. 

I hope those of you who aren't happy manage to change who you see. Follow ups are stressful enough without not feeling comfortable with the person who does them. Greeni, the comment about being a betting man is disgusting. He shouldn't be allowed to say things like that to people. Its a caring profession! 

Carmel what a nightmare. Is there an option of the hospital providing transport? I really appreciate the nhs and what they've done for me, they've been amazing but the times I've been upset over things is down to a simple lack of communication. It sounds like that's what happened when you saw a doctor who didn't know why you were there. Things like that just shouldn't happen.

Sorry I just had to have a little rant there xxx