Can I ask?

whats the longest you've let your booking a smear test?

Absolutely no judgement! I'm just curious.

Mine was 8 months. Was due to have it in Oct, had two standard reminder letters and an actual letter from my gp! I had a grabdmother dying from cancer and moving house and it just got pushed aside. Don't think those 8 months would have made a great difference to my moderate high grade results though? Perhaps they would have been mild back then and then they would have left it to see what happens and then it became moderate? Or perhaps I would have this whole thing over and done with by now!! Who knows. I won't bloody leave it again though no matter what's going on! My cousins is 1.5 years over due and my results have prompted her to book hers so that's something :)

I got my first reminder when I turned 21 I think and I waited until I was 29. I am incredibly private and quite neurotic which made it really difficult for me to go. I bitterly regret that now that I am looking at ongoing treatment for CGIN after 2 Lletz procedures.


i will I'll never leave it again! I'm glad your experience has had some positive out of it, although would obviously have been better for it to have come back normal. Fingers crossed your results come back and all is good!!! 

I wonder if I had already given birth twice before my first smear if I would have gone? I'm squeamish about it and also very private. When my first was due the whole jade goody thing was going so that really prompted me to go 

Ive had mine every 3 years without fail. I have CGIN and will be having my 2nd LLETZ next week. Jacks29 can I ask, will you be having more LLETZ for the CGIN or are they discussing other options?

I have no idea yet, still waiting in the dreaded phone call. I'm hoping to hear today as the MDT meeting was yesterday. If I don't hear anything by this afternoon I am going to call. This waiting is doing my head in! Fingers crossed for us all! 

Definitely call. I didn't hear anything after my MDT meeting for 10 days! I was going out of my mind! Good luck x

I don't have smears anymore. My body was harmed by LLETZ and I couldn't go through it again. 

Kirstshan, Just heard from the colposcopy nurse, the pathologist is going to look again to find out if I need a third treatment or not. If not it'll just be another smear in oct/Nov, they don't want to do a third treatment if it's avoidable because we are going to be referred for ivf. Must think happy thoughts for the next 2 weeks! 

I'm glad you have heard. Hopefully you won't need any more treatment.