Can HPV be removed through treatment for CIN?


Can HPV be removed through treatment for CIN?




Hi ladies,




I’ve heard quite a lot of conflicting information re this topic. Although I’m aware there’s no treatment available for the virus itself, one of the experts at Jo’s has told me that given my clear margins and straight-forward removal of CIN 2, the “most likely outcome” at my 6 month follow-up smear will be “both smear test and HPV test will be negative and that particular type of HPV will not return”.  Does the HPV virus only affect the area of my cervix that showed abnormalities (as this would suggest) or is it found throughout the body once infected? I’ve also seen on forum posts on here within the last couple of days that some Dr’s say treatment can kick-start the immune system into fighting the HPV? I’ve been with my husband for 4 years and I’m worried that I will have had HPV all this time and my body can’t fight it off? I did have a normal smear 3 years ago but I don’t think this was tested for HPV. It’s all very confusing! Vicky xx


Hi Vicky 

I feel exactly the same I'm really confused too and I'm not sure either . Had high risk HPV and severe dyskaryosis . My results are fine after LLETZ but I worry that I won't get rid of the virus :-( my consultant told me that treatment can kick start the immune system to clear the HPV but I won't know till I'm tested in September . Still feeling really down about it to be honest . Still don't feel back to normal :-( I feel worse cos my relationship ended just before all this started in December .. So many unanswered questions . I get the impression that it's just the abnormality that's affected .. But surely it's still within the body ?!

Sorry I'm not much help but I wanted to reply to say that I understand how you're feeling

Lorna x

Hi Vicky,

HPV can't be removed through treatment for CIN (being a virus). What usually happens is that when the cervix is cut etc during treatment this kick-starts the body's immune system into figting the virus. Most of the time (about 95%) treatment for CIN is successful and women will find they are negative for HPV and CIN at their follow up smear. 

HPV testing is relatively new which is why your last smear wasn't tested. If your follow up smear is normal you'll most likely be returned to routine screening. 

There's still a lot that isn't known about HPV but the fact they are learning about it and can test is a positve thing.

Occasionally some women (like me) aren't able to get rid of the HPV, but I have to stress this is exception not the rule. Most women are successfully treated with their LLETZ/CIN treatment. 

Try not to worry too much about the HPV (easier said than I done I know). Hopefully your follow up result will be normal and you can put this behind you. 

All the best.

Hi Vicky 

I know how you feel it is very confusing and when you google HPV there are all kinds of different information.  I was told after a smear test that I have HR HPV subtype 16 but my smear showed no abnormal cells however it is now routine (apparently) that if you test positive for HPV your sent for a colposcopy.  My consultant told me that he could only see changes caused by the HPV virus and sometimes after a biopsy is taken on the cervix it can kick start the immune system into fighting the virus, so I am hoping this happens to me.  In the meantime I am taking a multivitamin tablet everyday and staying as healthy as I can plus as I do not smoke he said this will help massively. 

I think this forum is so great for us all to be able to talk about this subject as Ive learnt so much more on here then I have from google and its less scary to hear everyones stories.

Take Care

Gemma x