can having cin3 treatment cause not being able to get pregnant in the future?



quick question after having the CIN3 treatment, can it stop you getting pregnant in the future ? :(

having the treatment on friday :(  been trying for a yr and half with no luck (i have a 7 yr old and 2 yr old)

can having cin3 stop getting pregnant?


maria x

Hello Maria

Do you know what treatment you are having? I had lletz treatment yesterday and asked this question as it was a big concern of mine. Apprently the treatment has no effect on fertility but if you have more than two rounds of lletz it could increase your chances of having a premature baby. Im not sure about any other treatments? I know someone who had laser treatment for abnormal cells who had to have a stitch put in her cervix whilst she was pregenant because they were concerned the baby would come to early but also this can happen for other reasons to. Good luck with your treatment.


Thanks for the reply, lletz precedure I think, scared and cant stop crying :(

I just want it over and done with, did yours go ok? does it sting when u go for a wee? :(



I was exactly the same really scared and barely slept the night before, i've been crying alot since my smear results and I cried when the nurse intially called me into the consultation room yesterday. The nurses were really nice though so hopefully yours will be to. I found the procedure itself fine, I actually didnt feel much at all. I felt a bit of pressure when they injected the LA in but that was it. It only took about 15 minutes at the most. My legs felt quite weak and shaky afterwards though so its probs not best to drive home, also if you can have the day off work do! I had the rest of yesterday off but had to go back today and felt a quite rough. No stinging at all when I wee, I have had stomach cramps though, much like strong period pains.



I agree with what others have posted. Explain to the nurses when you are there that you are nervous. They will help you through it. I chatted incessantly about rubbish, but they weren’t bothered lol. I never felt any of the lletz, just a short scratch when they did the anaesthetic (no worse than having a blood test.) It doesn’t last long & I didn’t feel any soreness or stinging afterwards just period pain type aching. I took the day off work to rest…eat choc, watch telly, read mags & reward yourself for going to the appt. Let us know how you get on.

thanks girls for the advice :) much appricated

I will let you know how it goes!


maria xx

It went well today ! was NO WAY as bad as I thoght it was going to be :) all that fuss over nothing to be fair !

Maria x