Can Copper Coil Cause abnormal smear?

Hi all, just looking for a little advise to (try) and put mind at ease. I'm 31 and had my 3rd smear test a few weeks ago. my previous smears have always come back normal.

on Monday I received a letter stating my most recent smear was abnormal with high grade dyskaryosis and Im booked next monday for a colposcopy.

3 years ago, after my last smear, I had a copper coil fitted. And The past year i have struggled with, what I believed to be, yeast infection. 

Has anyone with a similar experiance Have any advise? Can a copper coil or yeast infection effect cervical cells? As it seems strange I suddenly have abnormal cells. 

I have regular period and do not bleed after sex but it's worrying me and im dreading what they may tell me come Monday. 

Thanks for for your help x 




Can't comment on this as I don't know - however all my problems started after I had a copper coil fitted last year after not having one for years. Could be a total coincidence - though I felt at time having it fitted had 'disturbed something.  I've even wondered if I could have developed a copper allergy or something but is pure speculation.  If you find out anything else let me know?

Good luck for Monday hun xx

Thanks for your reply Msjalien. I had my appt this morning, doc confirmed I have severe Dyskaryosi. I explained I had a copper coil,and constant thrush but he does not think there is any link between the two. Unfortunately I could not be treated today as he needs to remove the coil before treatment and there could be chance of pregnancy If he removed today. I am having lletz treatment on 2nd November. He said it's not cancer but they are pre cancerous and the area is aboyt the size of 20p piece. feeling a little more relieved about things now and going to see how I go without the coil and hopefully things will settle down with the thrush too. Fingers crossed.