Can CIN3 vanish?? Confused about results


i wondered if anyone has any insight into this....

Had abnormal smear last year, CIN3 and had LLETZ to remove this, follow up smear clear, another 6 mths and smear showing CIN3 again! This was April this year, booked in for colposcopy at start of June where LLETZ was performed again but now have results through showing no abnormalities found! So I'm confused! Can the cells disappear in that short a time? Can they disappear at all?? Or did the consultant take the biopsy from an area without the abnormal cells?? Letter just says come back in 6 mths for another smear so I don't know what to do! Should I try to follow up with my own doctor or wait 6mths??

thanks in advance, 


Sounds to me like the LLETZ worked and removed all the CIN3, if all was removed the new cells that replaced them while healing should be normal. CIN3 is something you can be ‘cured’ from as such if they remove it all. But like with most things there is a chance of it coming back which is why we have screenings until 64 xx

Sorry didn’t read that right! They say CIN3 can not disappear on it’s own as our body can’t fix the cells once they are that far gone, thats whst my colposcopy nurse told me when doing my LLETZ. I would call them and ask them to explain the results and tell them your concerns xx

hi there, I'm pleased that you have posted this as I'm hoping it's what will happen to me. I had a colposcopy with no visual changes but my smear result came back as 'severe changes'. When I spoke to the hospital they explained that one reason may be that the area of cells that had developed is very small and that I may have a LLETZ that comes back as clear as the severe cells may be so small that they were removed by the brush during the smear. This may be what has happened in your case? i would ring theM for an explanation though. Hope this helps x x