Can cancer be misdiagnosed at colposcopy?

Hello everyone,

I've had inter-menstrual bleeding and post-coital bleeding since 2014, when I was 20.

In 2016 I was finally diagnosed with cervical ectropion, after one gynaecologist missed it. I had silver nitrate and a smear (clear).

The bleeding got better, then returned, and in 2017 I had a colposcopy, was told the ectropion had returned, and had another silve nitrate. I had another smear, which came back as an inadequate sample, the next one was clear. 

The bleeding has now returned, and so I had another colposcopy. But the doctor said he couldn't see any ectropion this time, and so he wasn't sure where the bleeding was from. He applied silver nitrate anyway, and told me just to go on the pill.

I know cervical cancer has been misdiagnosed as ectropion in many cases, but do you think that would be very unlikely in my scenario? I've had three colposcopies, and three smears (two clear, one inadequate). I'm nearly 25, so due my first "proper" smear soon anyway.

What would you do in my scenario? I'm not going back on the pill because it always makes the ectropion worse. So I was just going to hope I have minor ectropion that the doctor missed and that this silver nitrate works, and then wait until my smear when I turn 25 in a few months. Or would you be more worried?

Thank you xx