Can anyone help


im due a colposcopy under GA. all the stories I've read or heard about have resulted in CC. is this always the case? I'm 25 and this was my first smear. I was told it would be under GA as there was a large area of abnormal cells found. Now I'm really worried I possibly have CC. I was referred urgently and my apot is the 12th may

thanks Emma x

I had lltez under ga in march dunno my results properly but over the phone they told me ive been discharged from hospital and need a 6 month smear at gps so result arent always bad try not to worry hun and gl xx

Thanks for replying Lesley. Just all the stories I had read always seemed to end up being CC so thank you


hope your follow up smear is all good

Thanks Emma x

No, not always! 

I had lletz, in March.... 

Everyone is referred quickly.... do u know CIN 1,2 or 3? 

I was 3, so bad my appointment in 6 days. 

Thats a quick referra. 

Got ny results last wee, that it was all removed and I need a smear in 6 months tim. 

Ive read alot of peoples stories on here. And I think 1 in every 20 was CC. 

So its a very small amount. 

i know easier said than done, but try not to worry. 

i was in your position 2 wks agO. 


Roxi x 

Thanks Roxi. CIN 3 I believe however I feel that my appointment foesnt really reflect an urgent one with it being on the 12th May. So I'm a bit confused. 

How did it do under GA? How did you feel afterwards? I've had GA before but only when I was very young so not too sure what to expect and how Ill feel etc. 

glad your results where good ones :) 

Emma x

Hey, i have had 2 lletz under local in 8 weeks, not the nicest of procedures especially if you havent had children as your dignity dips a little ;)

Awaiting my more recent results but i havent heard the Big C mentioned once to me, remember all dodgy cells are normally pre cancerous so imagine it as a warning that it MAY happen if left too long! Dont worry xx

Hi Emma,

You will probably find that it is not that all colposcopies under GA end up as CC but that all women with a CC diagnosis end up here :-) Remember, there are more women NOT on this forum than there are women on this forum :-)

Be lucky


Think like tivoli said us women who are diagnosed end up here but it's not a true reflection. Larger area being covered under ga and usually a higher level if cin more tissue removed but no direct link to a cancer diagnosis xx

Thanks for all your help and support ladies. I was just getting myself in a right tizz! It's nice to read about the nicer stories!

Hope you are all doing well. 

Thanks again Emma x