Can anyone help me to understand my biopsy results


My results came through yesterday- not signed but stamped "dictated not signed" this may be because I phoned up due to waiting over 6 weeks and my consultant is only in 2 days out of the whole week.

My results are my biopsy shows that my cervix is inflamed and has hpv cell changes..and they will be booking me in for another colposcopyto see the cells again to do the treatment ...can anyone tell me what the results mean what are hpv changes? 

Hi Claire,

Your results mean that you have tested positive for having a high risk HPV strain  (HPV16 or HPV18 are the ones that cause cervical cell changes) and that has caused some cell changes.

They haven't specified how severe the changes are (CIN1 being mild, CIN2 moderate and CIN3 severe) but I believe  this is normal as I experienced the same when I found out I had CIN3. I worked out I must have severe changes because the time frame for appointments etc was short compared to only CIN1 which I had several years earlier.

They don't tend to treat CIN1 as far as I'm aware so the fact they are booking you in for treatment suggests either CIN2 or CIN3 but I could be wrong; I'd give them a call and see if they can give you more info if you are concerned. They will be able to explain in full when you have the appointment though.

The purpose of the LLETZ is to take away the 'nasty' cells that have changed due to HPV, which should help your body to fight off any any remaining HPV and prevent anything more serious.

Good luck with it all, I had LLETZ a week ago and it isn't as bad as I'd built it up to be in my head. These changes are surprisingly common and treatment successful in most cases.

Good luck with it.

Thank you for your reply sunshine1983

I did think that as I have been told if it is cin1 it usually is just watched and not treated. But when I have tried to see what hpv changes are nothing really came up just all mention cin I was a little confused.

I will give them a call in the morning and if they will let me know anything more over the phone.

After treatment does the hpv infection go? Or is it still in your body?

& do they do a follow up appointment after treatment to check the new cells that grow back? 

Sorry for all the questions my consultant doesn't really explain anything and isn't the nicest!

I hope you are well now and carry on to be so!

I'm no medical expert but my understanding with viruses is they never truly go away but can be fought off by your immune system so they remain dormant (think of people who have watts, they may go but flare up at a later date several years later or never be seen again).

The treatment isn't a guarantee the HPV will be gone but by removing the altered cells, it gives your immune a better chance at fighting it off.

I'm treated under a nurse colposcopist who 'looked after me' during my pregnancy (couldn't have the treatment as a risk of miscarriage). She has been better at explaining than any consultant I've ever seen but I still find I have to go armed with info and questions to get any real sense of what is going on. As a well educated woman with a science degree and thus a reasonable ability to understand it all,  I have found the medical profession very frustrating. I believe they aren't overly forthcoming with certain info as many people dont understand the intricacies of it all and they don't want to panic us. For me the lack of knowing/information is far more anxiety causing than being aware of the full facts.


Best of luck


What a horrible situation you were in.

I have so many questions I am a real worrier with things like this I have bad health anxiety and I hate not knowing what things mean and what if's I really don't do myself any favours with things like this.

I hope your results from the LLETZ treatment you have had done come back quickly for you x