Can anyone help interpret these results?

I went into my colposcopy after some borderline smear changes (1st smear) feeling quite calm about it all. I’ve spent the past two years battling a brain AVM so I would like to think the probability of having another severe medical problem is low. I’m 25, fit and healthy. During colposcopy she said it looked slightly worse than she had anticipated and she suspected high grade… She took 3 biopsies. I’m aware this is fairly common so still not in panic mode. Afterwards she drew me a diagram to show what the cells looked like compared to normal, I seized that as an opportunity to take a picture of her report from the appointment as she wouldn’t give me a print out. I like to check things out for myself as there’s nothing worse than the worry that leads upto bad news. The results are as follows:

opinion: CIN high grade
SCJ seen : satisfactory- SCJ seen on ectocervix/in canal + upper limit cervical lesion also seen
TZ Type: fully visible (ecto)
General comments: rapidly developing AW with fine punctuation and smooth boarders.

I read somewhere that fine punctuation is only bad when inside the transformation zone (TZ) which is where it appears to be, has anyone got any more info on the above?? I think AW stands for how quickly the cervix turns white on application of the vinegar stuff, but again, I’m not sure…

Nov 22nd 2016 abnormal borderline smear + HPV positive
Nov 28 2016 Colposcopy / biopsies

awaiting results

Aww bless you. Sorry I don't have the anser for u but didn't want to not reply. U have been through so much already. Have you had any clear answers yet? X