Can anybody offer advice on results? Nurse is not very nice to me

Hi Everyone,I have been searching the internet for advice all week and i found this site.I had a abnormal smear last summer .It had high grade changes so i was referred for a coloscopy which came came as mild changes.I just had to go back before Christmas for check up but i could not make it as i was very ill with pneumonia.I went back to clinic in March this year and the nurse said she could see changes straight away and she took two biopsies,one of them from inside of womb.I was getting dressed and i was in a bad way as i went in to some kind of shock ,my legs would not stop shaking or my body and i was crying.The nurse ended up taking four biopsies as she said the first two were unsatisfactory.She said so bluntly as i was 45 years old and have kids so i should be finished my family and that i would be having lletz at next appt.I was bleeding and in severe pain for a week afterwards in bed.I thought it was normal but i went to doctor and he gave me two antibiotics for a bad infection down there.Two weeks later and the pain is really bad coming out my vagina.I rang the nurse last week and i explained this and asked her about my results.One biopsy showed cin 1 positive and the biopsy from inside womb was negative and the smear results were not back yet.She asked me to come for lletz this Thursday.I told her i was still so sore and could not face it .I also asked her who decided on lletz treatment and she told me it was her.I then said to her but it cin 1? Is it necessary and she said quite bluntly that the lletz is like a biopsy and it could come back as cancer and then i would be referred to oncology.Im so confused and the way the nurse is so blunt is not helping.It doesn’t help im thinking the worse because im in ongoing pain .Thanks for reading.sorry ive no paragraphs.I don’t know how to put them in.thank you.I have had alot of problems with bleeding in the past year.

I'm so sorry you have had such a negative experience! I'm relatively new here so do not have much wisdom other than to recommend you have the LLETZ (under GA though to limit stress and anxiety. I had it under GA). I had three biopsies at my colcoscopy which confirmed CIN3.....had my LLETZ and the pathology report has sadky confirmed early stage cervical cancer. That said, as scared as I am, it's been caught really early and I will be ok! We are all here for you on this site, everyone is lovely and will support you every step!!