Can anybody help " discharge note from hospital"

Just wondering really, after my EUA on wed I was reading my discharge note and wondered what this means " wound where LLETZ performed but no palpable tumour" does this mean the cancer cells haven’t formed into a tumour yet? Obviously lump to feel? If so isn’t that good news in a way.
Just wondering really

Hi there, it means that they could not see or feel a tumour. There could still be microscopic cancer cells which is why they usually do further treatment. 

I had a trachelectomy and they found that ALL of my cancer had been removed in the original Lletz - there was just CIN 3 left.  It is likley that they have removed most of the tumour in your Llezt so that is great news if that's the case :) be happy!

It just baffles me as I'm staged 1b1 and am booked for a radacle hystermectomy next fri. The MRI scan showed a 1 cm tumour,