Can any one help!

Hi everyone firstly I would like to say thankyou ive been reading posts trying to find answers and it's helped a lot.

im really posting because I had my lletz done 4 days ago after having my smear and the nurse telling my cervix was red and inflamed and when she done my smear it was really painful which I've never had before! She referred me straight away but then I received my smear results 2 days before my colpos appointment which said I had high grade (severe) dyskaryosis so was really worried I went for the colposcopy thinking I'll have a biopsy but I didn't they did the lletz which freaked me out after it was done my consultant said she took 5mm of my cervix and said the area it is it's going to be cin 3 and my results will be in the post in 4 weeks! So my questions are what is the likely hood of it being cc with cin 3 as this is worrying me a lot! also I was told no heavy lifting but with two kids I've have a few times what can happen if I carry on lifting? Also my stomach is so swollen I look about 6months pregnant but I have no bleeding and haven't since having it done! Is this normal? I'm on zoladax for edomitrosis and looking at a hysterectomy in the near future due to this anyway but I'm so scared I just keep googling can anyone please help thankyou! 

Im 3 weeks after having mine and only had a bit of blood one morning when I woke up and that was it, had the discharge for almost the full 3 weeks, I know lots of people that had the lletz done and all the cin111 was removed and there still fine so try not to worry, the waiting for the letter is the hardest part of the hole lot, stay away from google ask on this because the ladies are amazing and will put ur mind at ease xxx

Thankyou for the reply mandy im really trying to not google its just so hard waiting.

I know I spent the first few weeks on google and it did me no good I was a ball of nerves after it, every little pain I was thinking the worst, I've now been on this and reading the posts and comments off this and my head isn't running away with me as much, it's a very worryino time for us all xxx

I had my LLETZ done yesterday but was so fortunate to have a very informative doctor who talked me through everything and I also asked questions.  She told me I did have severe CIN very likely CIN3 but she was confident she had removed it all.  She explained as a Doctor they have to take an educated but informed guess how much of the cervix to cut away and they are obviously very experienced.  Obviously I will have to wait the 4 weeks for the full test results but feel delighted after my LLETZ procedure.  CIN 3 is pre-cancerous but as long as all the abnormal cells are removed you should be absolutely fine, or thats the impression I was given?