Can Adenocarcinoma show up on smear and be wrong?

Hi not sure anyone can answer this or if I’m just completely over thinking and got it wrong.
I’ve accessed my medical records, on my smear report from last year 2022 which I’ve been informed this year was endocervical glandular neoplasia, there is a snomed code M-81403 after researching I found the government list for these codes last night. M-81403 matches the Adenocarcinoma on the “List of SNOMED codes for cervical histopathology” now histology is biopsy based I think so I’m not sure if I’m over thinking it but why is that code on there?

My 1st lletz this year my results showed nothing just hpv 16 changes not cgin. I’ve just had a second lletz and found a letter to my gp saying
“Colposcopy examination was adequate with type 2 squamous columnar junction. She has a small volume transparent aceto white lesion between 4 and 8 o’clock position.” I told the dr I’d had a lump on my cervix that has been there over a year, he told me he couldn’t find it at colpscopy and two other drs from other colposcopy’s never mentioned it, so I’m hoping this is the same thing, will check when healed. Thankfully my gp has arranged tests for me to investigate my hip/back pain I’ve had an ultra sound with no obvious findings, the blood test cancer check thing was negative! I’m worried these lletz results will come back with nothing as I know I’ll be left to go to smears and just wait and see if it does.

I’ve got pain I’m my hip and lower back which drs know about but also strange neck pain which I put down to being a mum aches. My mum and grandma passed away from ovarian and endometrial cancer so I’m just all over the place. I’ve been thinking of paying for a private mri scan if it does come back as nothing and I don’t get any further with nhs, just so I can be 100% sure.

If anyones had a similar experience please let me know thank you x