can abnormal changes return?

Hi, i’m new to this site and am looking for a bit of reassurance.

I’m 28 years old and have a 2.5 year old and an 8 month old.

I had my first smear in 2012 which came back as CIN 2 and 3… had colposcopy and they did LLETZ. I had a letter after which said it was all clear and to retest after a year. So i had the 2nd smear at the end of 2013 and was tested for HPV my results were clear and hpv negative.

I felt my cervix last week and felt a really hard lump about 5mm or so wide and the rest of the cervix felt quite rough. I made an appointment with gp yesterday and she took a look and a feel - her face looked worried and she went quite quiet on me. She said she could see a lot of abnormalities and could feel the lump.
She then said that she was gping to refer me back to colposcopy as an urgent referral. She said i should get an appointment within 2 weeks - she said that this is the route for cancer patients as normally it is 4-6 weeks in my area. She said she is not saying it is cancer but wants me in quick to look.

I get discomfort when i have sex and over the last few months get bad back pain and abdominal bloating.

I am petrified that the Gp has seen something really bad but didnt want to tell me… has anyone else ever had such abnormalities that can be seen with naked eye within a short space of time (my last sear was clear just over 2 years ago)

Could my last results have been wrong?

Also is it true that you can only get CIN3 if you are Hpv positive? My result was negative but have had CIN3 and potentially back again.

Thank you in advance

Hi sunshinesmile:) I am so sorry to hear that you are worried you may have cancer. I hope that's not the case. Keep us posted. Hope all is ok!!

Can I do you feel your own cervix? I have heard others say they have done so and it makes me cringe! 

I am not sure about the CIN/HPV - all of that confuses me too!! My results were posted tonight too from my biopsy if you want to read. I was also confused!! 

Hi Travler81... 

I just typed a long reply but it came up with an error message when i tried to submit it. 

Checking cervix is easy... best in a squatting position using your longest finger. I think it depends on where abouts you are in your cycle as to how easy it is to find.  Theres a website called my beautiful cervix which gives sone tips.... bit there is lot of pics so best not to look while having you lunch or if a bit squeamish lol

I'm just so scared and hate this waiting. 

I'll have a quick read of yours in a mo.. ☺

Oh wow - didnt know you could so easily haha. 

I wish you didn't have to wait 2 weeks to get in :( please keep me posted. You'll be on my mind. 

Thank you ever so much :-) well i had my appointment letter come through... 11th feb so just over a week to wait... hate waiting, i can be so impatient haha

Sunshine - keep me posted And good luck!! 

Will do... less than 2 days to go.  This waiting is driving me crazy and to top it all off my body is not co-operating- my stupid period decided to show up today, like 1 week too early! - called the colposcopy unit and they said that they still want to see me regardless of this... so what will already be an embarrasing thing has just got even more embarrasing! Grrrgh my stupid body haha 

Well had the colposcopy and have just got back home.... the dr said that my cervix looks healthy and normal but has no idea what the lump is so has taken a biopsy and have to have an ultrasound in the next few weeks.

He said that the redness that gp saw was just where i had the treatment before. 

He couldnt see the lump at first inspection... was only when i said there is definatley something there he had a feel and said "oh i see what you mean, theres definatley a lump there" 

So feeling a bit pants now as got to wait for biopsy results and go for ultrasound... hate waiting for things... he couldnt even give me any idea of what it is :-(