Can a punch biposy miss Cancer?

Hello lovely ladies,

I had a recent smear come back as positive HPV and borderline changes so I then went for a colposcopy and had a punch biopsy.

I was very emotional at the time as my best friend had just passed (days before) from cervical cancer and my results were a huge shock to me having always been clear.

The nurses were lovely but I noted they didn’t once actually reassure me that everything looked fine. I saw bleeding on the camera when she first looked at my cerix and then couldn’t look anymore.
2 weeks later I received a letter showing CIN3- I had gone from clear, to borderline, to Cin3 in 3 years and I feel petrified.

I have many symptoms of cervical cancer and have also felt my cervix, which clearly reveals one side of my cervix is much bigger and lumpy. I’m now thinking why didn’t they warn me and what else aren’t they telling me?

I’ve found these forums incredibly helpful and have read stories of others having LEEP (I’m having mine tomorrow) and then detecting cancer. I’m at a point where I have so many symptoms I feel it’s inevitable I have cancer.

I think my question here is, can they always ‘see’ cancer?
I want to ask them tomorrow to be brutally honest as the shock is what keeps affecting me the most.
I know the symptoms can be other things too, but with the feel of my cervix this will have to be an incredible coincidence.

Any advice will honestly help here.

I’d also like to thank all the incredible women who have shared their experiences on here-you have no idea the impact you have on us newbies.

A-M xx

I’m sorry to hear about your friend that must be very difficult,

I don’t think it is as clear cut as gone from that to that is a space of time, my smear tests were always HPV but no abnormal cells it was only on biopsy they found CIN3. Thing is a smear may not always get the cells…apparently mine was in the corner, so really I did not go from no abnormal cells to suddenly CIN3 maybe it was just not caught on the smears who knows how long I had it for. This is why the do the further checks when 3 years HPV no cells.

CIN 3 is not cancer so try not let your brain get carried away! At mine they don’t have the screen where you can see what they are doing I asked about it last time they said apparently it broke but I think they maybe they just think people don’t seeing it, as I guess it could make you worry more. They just have the screen with TV on.

I hope everything goes ok for your treatment tomorrow x


Hello. I am just wondering how you got on? I am in exactly the same situation as you. I hope everything turned out ok x

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Hi, I had my treatment and it was confirmed CIN3. I have to have a repeat smear in 6 months time; however, I will go sooner if I have any symptoms as a smear isn’t reliable.

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