Calling the Kingston girlies (and others)

Good news - I’ve delayed my exam (not a cop out but because of all my hosp tests and other things) so it means that I can arrange a girlie night!

Was thinking that we could get together in march - possibly the 12th. Can’t do the weekend as the outlaws will be here - which also means I can’t have people to stay.

Any thoughts?

Z xxx

Not a definate yes but a possible yes!!
Fab idea just wish I could give a lift to Marion. Well she can be with me in spirit. God bless her xxx

hi zoe

wouldnt you want to come to leeds and spend that weekend with us i think we said the 11th but claire and kaz are a defo yes would be grate to see you love debi xxxx

Boo - I am on holiday that week…maybe catch up some other time???

Ok I am completely useless and have remembered that I’m on a course this week and with the outlaws coming down on Friday I’m not going to be able to make it. Doh - am so sorry to those who’ve PMed me :frowning:

Can any one suggest another time?

Z x


I was wondering what was happening as I had no heard from anyone!! Oh well, it’s a shame but I’m sure we can re-schedule.

Bethany x :wink: x

No worries Zoe.

I am away on holidays at the end of March, but April looks good thus far.

Keep us posted.



I’d be well up for that!

Lots of love

Any one up for a revised date? I’m busy up until 20th April (Matt’s running the marathon and I’m doing a course) but after that would be free.

A week day night is always best for me.

Any suggestions? Also realised that it’s getting very close to the walk for fun.

Z x


i would like to come to this one - i know i have promised in the past but i will be here this time

a mon tues or wed night is best for me as i work late thurs and fri

any date x

April is looking fine for me thus far. Weekdays evening (after 6pm) (except Wednesdays) are preferable for me as well. In terms of a date, I am pretty flexible thus far so whatever date is chosen I will try to make it.



Count me in x

Ok - what about a Tuesday?

Either 22 or 29 April?

Z xx

I could make the 29th, but would prefer the 22nd


Hi ladies,

either 22nd or 29th is good with me at the mo. Looking forward to seeing you all.

Bethany x :wink: x

22nd it is then… So far we have


Anyone else?

Let me know if you’d like to join us - again the more the merrier!

Any requests for food options?

Z x

Me too if that is ok!

Hiya ladies 22nd is good for me to, ive just got back fom egypt!

C xxxxxxxxxx


sounds great to me!

i trust u will all be coming to Brighton in august ?xx