Calling SW London Girlies!

Marion - it’s a Thursday!!!

But yes we should try and book!

OK that’s fine for me! Thursday 30th August at 7.30pm???

I am not sure I can make the 30th August as we may be going away that week. I will let you know and make it if I can.

Marion seems to operate on totally different calendar to the rest of us! :smiley:

Whereabouts is La Tasca, please? (Kingston is a big place…)

Doh!!! Yes, the 30th is a Thursday. And I can’t even come up with Bethany’s excuse of being blonde, damn it!!! I now have THURSDAY 30th, 7.30 pm in my diary so even I can’t get it wrong. Allegedly. :lol: :lol:

La Tasca
52A High Street
Postcode: KT1 1EU
Telephone: 0208 439 1002
Fax: 0208 439 1003

It’s close to where the old Market used to be, on the south side of Kingston, on the river side of the road, before you turn into Kings Hall Road (coming from Surbiton end of High Street). There should be parking almost opposite at the back of the college. That explanation should ensure you get well lost!! :smiley:

Hope that helps. Really looking forward to this - particularly the battered squid!!!

Love, Marion.

Excellent! I’ll try and remember to book a table. We have another person - Tanya too. So that will be 7/8 of us. :slight_smile:

Z x

Hi All

Would love to come unsure of directions from where I am. Is it far ???

Speak Soon

Love & Hugs


Kate - I’m crap at directions too!!

Z x

Kingston on Thames is quite a haul from Aylesbury!

If you can find your way round the M25 to Junction 10 I could give you directions from there, but it is a long journey for you - about 50 miles, a good hour and a half with a fair wind and no jams.


Thanks for replies

Think it might be too much of a Journey especially as its a work night, M25 you know what thats like.

Will have a think and let you all know.


You’re welcome anyway :slight_smile:

Z xxx

Just gotta comment on the earlier posts. It sounds like a comedy script! No-one has a clue about anything. :? Do you think that is a result of what c.c does to you? :roll: Battered squid, Marion? Is that what you are going to eat or what we all are?! :wink:

That what you get when you put a bunch of menopausal women together :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Still we’re getting there! I knew what she mean’t about the squid though! It’s really really good. And bad

Z x

Well in the interests of health and safety I went there last night to test the food and can safely say that the only issue is the danger of eating too much especially as they were doing an all you can eat for a Tenner deal.

Have booked the table for 30 August at 7.30. Really looking forward to it now!!!

Z xx

Thanx for that Zoe. :smiley: I made a mental note of the tenner bit! Someone else I know was there last week too and they said it was brilliant as well. I think I made a good choice there… :lol: :lol: :lol:

Marion xx

Hi girls,

Been following this crazy thread, can’t wait until 30th.

Must try to get a photo up, are we going to wear red carnations or something so we can recognise each other?

Looking forward to it.


Just look for other menopausal women - you know - crazed eyes, hysterical laughter - hair all over the place.

Only joking!

I have got a Jo’s brooch/breast pin whatever you like to call it, have any others got one? We could wear those.

Otherwise we can always wear a carnation in the teeth. (Still not sure if I will make it, our holiday arrangements are always what you might call “last minute”…)

its not fair :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

how come you all live so close to each other…

wish i could come have a great time

love corinne

Just wanted to say that Dee and I were texting and have agreed that we need Thursday more than ever and that it should be a celebration of friendship, strength and of course our dear friend.

Z xxx

Absolutely x

Just a reminder; 7.30 - table booked under Zoë. Have booked for 10 now incase others come.

Details and address here

See you all then!

Z x