Calling SW London Girlies!

There are a few of us who live in or near Kingston and I was wondering if we should organise a dinner night - we could go to Surbiton or New Malden or even Richmond!

A week night is better for me - possibly either 2 or 9 August - what do you think?

Z x


Great idea. Could you wait till I am back from holiday?? I go away next Friday (3rd) and I back on 19th August.

I would love to come along.

Bethany x :wink: x

Sounds good to me - I’d be up for that. Any others??

May I just ask that if it’s mid-week it could be either a Tuesday or Thursday? (Dialysis the other 3 days)

M. xx

Count me in :lol:

Cool - what about 23 August? Will that suit?

What sort of food do we all eat?
Also let me know what you CAN’T eat!

Z x

oh pip. :frowning: I’m on holiday 18-25th! :cry:
Suppose we cant all be there :frowning: :cry:
Yours sobbing, Mich :oops: ele xx

Hi Zoe

Thanks for pm, as I don’t think to look on the social board.

I could do 9 or 16 August, but not 23rd, I am afraid. I suppose it is difficult to get dates when we are all free.

If you can get a consensus on dates, I would prefer Kingston or New Malden (even Surbiton!) but obviously it needs to be somewhere central for all.

I eat anything, so am flexible on that score (although I sometimes suffer afterwards).

Ok - how about the 30th?

30th sounds good to me. :smiley: I eat anything, tho I’m not supposed to! (Diet? What diet??)

If people like Spanish, how about La Tasca in Kingston? The one in Brighton we went to was brilliant and I understand from friends that this one is too. Any other ideas?


Thats bank holiday Monday…aaaah.

Can we do the Tuesday or Wednesday. It just that is my hubby’s birthday that weekend and we might be away.


Bethany x :wink: x

Err - bank holiday is 27th? I think? Or am I going mad?


Just testing you all :lol: :lol: and being blond.

23rd is great with me. It’s a date.

Bethany x :wink: x


Excellent idea! Now getting a bit confused - is it the 30th August we are agreeing on? That would be great for me. I am happy eating any type of food - but would welcome somewhere that it is near a car park or easy to park as I will come from work…

Lots of love


30th is also good with me. Sorry, didn’t see that Gill couldn’t make 23rd!

Bethany x :wink: x

Ok - 30th August at La Tasca?



Anyone else? Have I missed anyone?

Z x

Fantastic :lol:
Am looking forward to that already!

Do you want us to send a deposit or anything Zoe?

Marion i’ll pick you up on my way past. Promise me you can direct me?!

I think you have everyone from round Kingston, unless they’re hiding. :slight_smile:

So what time? And as that’s a Saturday night, we’d best book in advance, yes? Parking is just over the road, as far as I recall, Ali.

Michelle, thankyou!! :smiley: :smiley: I can give yard by yard directions if you so wish. :lol: :lol: We’ll sort that out nearer the time.


La Tasca is a good choice. What time?? 7.30 is good for everyone??

Bethany x :wink: x

Fine for me, but best ask Ali as she is coming from work…

Hi girls,

These socials sound like a great idea. Unfortunately, I’m from Guernsey so would be a bit of a trek for me. Anyone fancy a weekend away - just kidding!!

I have to go back to London for a couple of check ups over the next few months, you never know a meet up may tie in with that.

Have a great time!

Love to all