Called in for an ultrasound

Hi all, sorry if this all comes out jumbled.
So 16 days ago I had a colposcopy and LLETZ for high grade changes picked up on my smear test.
I’m really worried as although I haven’t had the results of this yet, I received a phone call today from the hospital asking me to go in for a pelvic ultrasound next Wednesday.
The lady who called me couldn’t give me any information as she was just a receptionist arranging the appointment.
As you can imagine I’m beside myself thinking the worst. As anybody else had this without receiving the LLETZ results first? I have contact my GP for further information but won’t hear back from her till Monday. My anxiety is through the roof. Please help, should I expect the worst?

I also had a letter for an ultrasound a week after my colposcopy and biopsies. No idea why I just turned up and went, I thought maybe it was procedural? To cover all bases. I think I’d your Gynae suspected cancer it would be MRI and CT not ultrasound ( I don’t know this though! Also my ultrasound was all fine nothing abnormal seen but no biopsy results back yet and this was five weeks ago) x

Hi @Kacey

I havnt had the same experience but i do agree with the above commenter, if cancer was found/suspected the usual scans are MRIs and CTs not an ultrasound

It might be better to call the colposcopy department and ask why your having an ultrasound done instead of asking your GP, your under the hospitals care so its likely they are the ones who ordered it… our GPs get the same letter we do as ours is just a copy thats sent to them and they dont receive the biopsy results, its likely they wont have your results yet either so they may not know why you need one xx

Thank you both so much for replying.
I feel a little better because of your reply’s.
I should have added that I also suffer from VIN 3, and since 2014 I have had 4 surgeries as it keeps recurring.
I’m guessing that now I have high grade changes in my cervix as well and ultrasound would make sense just to make sure that nothing is hiding away.
I also had vulval biopsies done 5 days ago, as areas of concern were picked up when I had the colposcopy and LLETZ treatment done. So I’m waiting on 2 lots of results currently.
The last 3 weeks have been a complete rollercoaster and because nothing was said about ultrasound at either the colposcopy/ LLETZ or vulval biopsies appointment it has really frightened me.
I will call the colposcopy department on Monday, to see if it’s standard procedure because of my double issues.
I am curious if anybody else here also has VIN3 and CIN3? It feels like a constant time bomb on bad days. Thanks for listening.